Ask any student and they will say summer is the best time of the year. We aren’t stressed out over homework, papers, exams, and extra-curricular activities that consume our lives. We simply have all the time in the world to hang out and relax.

Although college students love the summertime, we also hate it just a little bit (shocking, I know), but it’s true. We spend about 9 months out of the year with the same people on a regular basis. We become so close to those we do life with, that when we go our separate ways during the summer, we feel like we are missing something.

One great summertime activity, that I have always enjoyed is traveling to visit friends in their hometowns. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel and visit some of my friends through Texas while I waited to start my summer internship. One thing I learned from this road trip of mine was that after hours in the car, listening to music can become very boring and uninteresting. I discovered that a great alternative is listening to podcasts.

Podcasts recently became very popular in the world of millennials. There is a podcast for just about anything and everything you could ever want. Sports, entertainment, fashion, mysteries, politics, music, business, religion, education and the list goes on!

As I began my road trips, I made a list of podcasts that are popular to listen to and some that appeal to my interest. So here is my list of podcasts to listen for summer road trips!

1. S-town

S-town follows the life of a man named John who hates the town he lives in and decides the world should know about it. Reporter Brian Reed helps him investigate a murder, a corrupt police department. However, in a turn of events, someone else ends up dead leading Reed to uncover the mysteries that encompass the life of a man.

2. The Last Podcast On The Left

This podcast covers different facets the world has to offer, from demons to cults and serial killers. Hosted by three comedic men, they take you through interesting details of real and imagined histories of our world. (Disclaimer: A personal favorite is their 4 part series of the life of Jeffrey Dahmer.)

3. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Hosts Bridget Todd and Anney Reese discuss the challenges women face in an ever-changing society.

4. Dressed: The History Of Fashion

In this binging podcast, you will learn about the beginning of fashion and how it came to be what it is today.

5. Serial

This podcast tells you about true stories and follows them until their ending. Leading with a plot and character, host Sarah Koening will unfold the twist and turns of each story, and she won’t know the ending until she gets there.