There is a present argument regarding the idea that “plants feel pain” and therefore vegans are invalid in specifically dodging animal products. This, among many other myths and accusations, will be briefly debunked in this article.

Plants respond to stimuli, but plants don’t have the emotional sentience or feel pain and terror like animals (as developing it had no purpose evolutionarily because fear and pain are meant to trigger fight or fight response & plants can’t do either).

Meanwhile, animals (cows, piggies, deer, bears, chickens, and even fish —- just like dogs, cats, horses, and dolphins) suffer tremendously in being wounded, killed, having babies taken away, seeing others killed, anticipation of death, etc.

No one wants to think about it but look into the investigative journalism into modern animal ag practices and it’ll pretty much ruin your life knowing we all grew up on that. It’s horrible and cloaked by corruption-ruled lobbying, just like we see with gun laws and the NRA. Hence the dozens of Netflix documentaries, and mysterious deaths and assassinations of journalists looking into meat industry (especially its impact on climate change) worldwide (and, as you might know, meat in America is largely run by international companies.)

Looking at exploitation of the farmers they’re so quick to use in “happy lil milk cow!!!” marketing, and researching the testimonies of everyone from doctors to lawyers to small bought-out chicken producers, and it doesn’t take long after that. It’s bad for the farmers, it’s bad for the animals, it’s bad for the slaughterhouse and processing workers, it’s bad for the planet, it’s bad for the human body. I happen to think it’s bad morally, but many things we stay ignorant to for convenience in this society are.

There’s also a ton of research and writing on the intersection of racism, sexism, and xenophobia in speciesism, and how the current state of animal life and human laborer exploitation for the massive one percenter food industry execs (who, by the way, run American distribution and production but also run small US “yeoman” farmers into destitution and have US investigators killed in Brazil over their muckraking) is another gross abuse of a capitalist system. That’s another conversation.

The number one contributer to deforestation (esp. in Indonesian rainforests, relying on lumbar poachers) is cattle production. A massive contributor to carbon emissions is cattle production and its waste. And before I hear another person say “stop caring so much about animals when there are actual human kids in deep poverty out there”… there is enough plants and especially grain to feed the world’s starving population twice over that is fed to animals raised for their bodily products - more than twice over! At crop prices far lower than what people pay to eat the same. Because “capitalism.”

And the same systems that create abuse and exploitation of animals also exploit, profit, and institutionalize the abuse of people. It’s the same enemy.

Plus… all evils are evils. We don’t have to stand for one cause only. We can see wrong and stand up every time. It’s about injustice and those that can’t fight for themselves.

This is a really upsetting thing to wake up to when you agree to consider it seriously instead of leaning on “peta stereotypes” and laughing off a seeming fringe lifestyle as kids who never grew up, accepted the desensitization, and picture the children’s world of Charlotte’s Web behind their dinner.

The reality is horrifying and easily erased with willful ignorance. It’s so much bigger than “cows die and pigs die and chickens are cramped”. Be an adult and do your homework. There’s a reason Anonymous for the Voiceless just shut up and show you. You can’t even imagine. You think it’s a slaughterhouse from a hippie PETA ad. It’s not.

The animals humans eat have complex, self-aware, emotional and cognizant lives.

Pigs have the intelligence of a human 3 year old and can be emotionally attached, or play with, their owners just like puppies.

Cows bond with people and their calves just like horses do.

Not to mention… animal products are straight up bad for your body. And no, consuming them is not how we evolved and not biologically necessary.

(…not to mention unethical and harvested with violent cruelty and full of malpractice, and marketed by big food industry giants the same way big tabbaco got the US addicted to cigarettes.)

No I’m not angry at people who love bacon. I’m concerned about the Society we live in, the exploitation inherent to this capitalist nightmare, and the powerful figures behind it digging Scrooge graves with money.

No it is not immoral to eat meat. It is probably immoral to knowingly support the meat, egg, and dairy industry.

I do believe once you learn about this rabbit hole, really, you can’t ethically keep perpetuating it. (Conscious consumerism is the only Big Move.) In the same way I believe anyone educated beyond ignorance can’t vote for Trump and still be “innocent”. Once you know and still do it anyway, you become immoral and complicit.

Please learn. Be bigger than your assumptions. We should know by now… what we are raised to think isn’t always true.