A Place In Between

A Place In Between

It is this in between place that we all fear, but we rarely see the beauty of it.

Brittany Greve

A place in between safe and independent, between love and recovery, a place between fear and hope. This is a place that many people find themselves in several times in their lives. It is a place between stages in our lives. A scary place that puts us in a state of confusion, hopelessness and fear of the future.

We all find ourselves in this place — after finishing college, before finding a job, after making a major life decision that may have ended a big opportunity for us, after a break up that knocks us off our feet. But it does not have to be a scary place. It can be a place full of open doors, endless opportunities and options for us to make the next step in our lives.

It is this in between place that we all fear, but we rarely see the beauty of it. It is a time to be able to change our lives in one way or another. It is a place where we can truly evaluate our lives and what we want to do with it. A place that allows us to make decisions that will benefit us.

Failing at one thing means that you can succeed at another -- something more fit for you, that will make your life worth more. Changing your course may be the best change you could make for your life.

We fear this in-between phase so much that we avoid being in that place at all cost. We fear not knowing what our lives will become, what we will do next or where we will end up. So we stick with what we know, what we have, even if it is not what we like or what want our lives to become. We do all of this just to avoid the in-between place.

Life is much too short to not be happy. Life is too precious to do things we don't enjoy and to stick with something that brings us down. Deciding what is next in life is such a wonderful opportunity that many do no get. And yet, we fear making that decision. It is a scary thing, trying to plan what we want in our lives, for the rest of your lives. But then again, who says it has to be this way?

Although the in-between place has no certain end result, it's still a place where we can change and improve our lives in major ways. This is the place that we hate being but it is the best place to be when our lives is not heading in the direction we imagined it going. This is the place that can change everything, that can be the start of something new and exciting. It's a place that puts our lives in the path we want to be in.

It is a scary thing, not knowing what is coming next, now knowing what our lives will become, not knowing where we are headed. Simply not knowing. But that place where the decisions are made, that is the place where we can make our lives into what you want it to be, what we imagined it would be. The hardest part in figuring out that vision.

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