I sit in the shade and the company of the trees

the eternal beings that know nothing of the world around them,

the majestic life sources that bring our lungs to life.

Amongst these silent giants, I almost feel like I belong

because, like them, I am oblivious

but unlike them, I have not found my purpose.

I whittle away at my notebook

the one that my only love had given me

and I think with sweet irony back on the day two became one.

With this notebook in my hand, I feel enlightened

I could scrawl away for hours

in this leather-bound book of secrets I've unfurled.

Sweet serendipity, unlike anything I've ever felt

That's what it was when I first saw you,

and now that's how I feel about the trees

that sway so endlessly, but never change their feelings

Who always stay the same, just as they have through the ages

Never hide but in the winter, when they keep giving us air

While they freeze.

When I look down through my woodland fairy tale,

I feel like the penniless idiot that I know I'll forever be

The feeling is one I plan to come to terms with

one that I know I will embrace eventually

I'd rather take that name than yours

I wave a goodbye to the trees that I love

To the only things in my life that I know all about

yet still have so much to learn from.

To the trees that have taken more care of me than I could myself

To the trees whose lives have heard plenty calamities throughout their many rings

To the trees that listen to me all the same.

I make my way home, to the house with all its fixings

to my lonely room where pictures of a pair have been left upon the walls

A place that reeks of what's been broken by a paramour

Oh, how I wish I could go away from here,

this place where the wallpaper is peeling from the walls

but I know I cannot bear to let it go to waste,

so I try so hard to linger on those summer nights,

Even those days where I found affirmations of this secret plight

Oh, how I wish those infinite oaks could take root and grow,

straight through these broken floors,

and make this life have purpose again.