Pinterest Movie Night: Disney Princess Edition

Pinterest Movie Night: Disney Princess Edition

Snacks that'll be perfect for your next movie marathon.

With the upcoming release of "Beauty and the Beast" next week (which by the way, I totally have early premiere tickets for the day before and yes I am super excited) I have just been in a very princessy mood lately. Also I've been on a diet! So I thought a good way to get some of my princess and dessert wants out of the way was to create yet another one of these Pinterest Movie Night lists. Each recipe is very easy and very yummy so I hope you enjoy them and use them for your next Disney princess movie night.

Snow White: 3 Ingredient Apple Dump Cake

Cinderella: No Bake Pumpkin Carriage Marshmallow Pie

Sleeping Beauty: Make it Pink, Make it Blue Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Beauty and the Beast: The Grey Stuff (trust me it's delicious if you don't believe me ask the dishes)

The Princess and the Frog: No Bake Oreo King Cake Mardis Gras Bites.

Brave: Empire Biscuits

Frozen: No Bake Chocolate Tart

Star Wars: Classic Princess Leia Cupcakes

Tip: Swap the two oreos on the side out for mini oreos instead, then place them in her hair for a better look.

Cover Image Credit: Amy Mebberson

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How To Play 'New Girl's' True American Drinking Game

"It's 75% drinking, 20% Candy Land, and the floor is molten lava."

I think it's fair to say that anyone who watches New Girl knows about True American. This crazy, non-sense drinking game which pops up every so often throughout the seasons and first introduced in Season 1 Episode 20.

The game, as described by New Girl character and fan-favorite Schmidt, is 75% drinking game and 20% Candy Land with a floor of molten lava.

The point of the game is for players to navigate through the Candy Land-like spaces to the "castle," which is a table in the center of the room that holds beer "pawns" and the "king" bottle. The first person to reach and sip from the bottle wins.

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Here's how to play:

Step #1: Prepare the "castle"

First, set up your "castle." The castle is made up of beer "pawns" and the "king," a bottle filled with the alcohol of your choice.

The bottle should be in the middle of the table, surrounded by four lines of beer pawns. There is no exact number of beers necessary for each line of beer pawns. Choose any amount of beers that seems appropriate for the amount of players.

Step #2: Set up spaces

Set up spaces using pillows, chairs or any other objects players will be able to stand on. Place an equal amount of spaces around the table. You'll want about 5-8 spaces on each side, depending on the size of the room you're playing in.

Only four of these spaces should reach the castle, lining up with the parade of beer "pawns" and allowing players to take a beer pawn from the castle. For example, in the photo above, each of the chairs touch a corner of the table at the end of the line of beer pawns. Therefore, these are two of the four special spaces that allow players to take a beer. Unlike the pillows pictured, which are just regular spaces that the players can use to move around.

Step #3: Pick teams

Teams are optional. To pick teams, all of the players will place a certain number (1-5) of fingers against their forehead on the count of three.

Any players who hold up the same number are a team. Unmatched players can team up as needed or simply pair up with the person standing closest to them.

Step #4: Begin

Begin with a shotgun "tip-off" to determine which player goes first.

The winner of this shotgunning contest will yell, "One, two, three...JFK!" to announce the official beginning of the game. All players will enthusiastically respond, "FDR!" then quickly grab a beer pawn from the castle and run to any space they wish to start at, excluding for the four special spaces that reach the castle.

Step #5: Make moves

The winner of the shotgunning contest has earned the first turn. From then on, the order of turns will move in a clockwise rotation. During each turn, the player will move one space toward the castle and choose to play one of the following mini-games.

Mini-game number one: the player whose turn it is will count to three then all players will place a certain number (1-5) of fingers on their forehead. Any player who selects a number no one else selected can move ONE space.

Mini-game number two: the player whose turn it is will recite the beginning of a famous American quote. The first player to complete the quote can move TWO spaces.

Mini-game number three: the player whose turn it is will name two famous American people, places or things. The first player to identify what the two have in common can move THREE spaces.

For example, say it's your turn. You will move one space then choose one of the three mini-games. You and all of the players will participate in that game, and the winner will move accordingly. After this, your turn is over and it's the next player's turn (in the original clockwise rotation).

Step #6: "Play on, playa."

Continue playing by these rules until one lucky winner reaches the bottle and sips from its royal glass.

The bottle cannot be opened until every last pawn is removed from the castle. Any players who fail to keep at least one beer in hand, who accidentally end up with more than three beers in hand, or who touch the lava are immediately disqualified. Disqualified players can rejoin the game by shotgunning a beer.


You are now able to impress all of your New Girl-loving friends with knowledge of the workings of the epic True American drinking game. Know your limits, drink responsibly and enjoy!

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We All Love Chick-Fil-A, But Not Just For Their Heavenly Nuggets

It's hard to find anything wrong with Chick-Fil-A; their great customer service, nice and clean restaurants, delicious sauces, golden fries, crunchy nuggets, and fresh sweet tea combine together for a fast, cheap, and perfect meal.


Whenever I am on the road going somewhere and need some food quickly, there is only ever one place that comes to mind- Chick-Fil-A.

I think every soccer mom out there would agree with that statement because the drive-through is constantly flooded with minivans, but they aren't really far above the average fast food meal. Every girl in high school and college goes crazy over some CFA chicken and fries. But let's be honest, Wendy's is pretty good, too. On a good day, their nuggets can be just as delicious. Chick-Fil-A is just the most consistent, friendly, and clean place to go- they don't make many mistakes.

There is nothing more annoying than thinking about going to Chick-Fil-A, then realizing it is Sunday.

I always order the same thing- an eight-piece nugget meal with CFA sauce. It never disappoints- what you expect is what you will get. The employees are always so friendly, it almost feels like you know them. The lines tend to be so long, especially during lunch and dinner times, but it can be faster than places with shorter lines. Even though this is great and all, it is still annoying that Chick-Fil-A has to be closed on the day that a lot of us are craving it.

I am a huge CFA fan, but when Wendy's or Taco Bell get the order right, sometimes I'll choose those places instead.

On their best day, Wendy's has some great burgers, chicken nuggets, and even fries for a fast food place. To be honest, I used to be a Taco Bell hater, but I can't lie and say they don't have some good tacos and grillers. They certainly have a bigger variety of food than Chick-Fil-A does. The question here is, why do we obsess over Chick-Fil-A and get sad on Sundays when there are so many other choices?

Chick-Fil-A has good food- but not anything to be drooling over.

There is nothing to really complain about, though. It is the combination of everything that makes it so great. Their chicken and fries pair perfectly with Chick-Fil-A sauce, the friendly and clean atmosphere makes it feel homely, and the fast service and consistency makes it a lot less of a hassle to go to. Half the times that I go somewhere else, there is food missing, I don't have a straw, the employees didn't give me sauce, they were rude, it was dirty inside, and the list goes on. McDonald's is even known for having a broken ice cream machine. Chick-Fil-A is kid-friendly for all the families and something everyone can agree on. Chick-Fil-A is definitely the safe choice to pick. People care a lot about consistency and fast service, and it is very hard to get that anywhere else- unless it is just consistently bad food.

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