Social media is a big part of my daily life and the same goes for everyone else I know my age. This gap between the end of the semester and when my summer job begins is filled with tons a mindless scrolling on my phone.

My days involve a lot of switching between different apps. Twitter to Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook and back again, intermixed with the occasional round of Candy Crush or whatever game I feel like playing that week.

This isn’t anything shocking or mind-blowing for a teenager, but the part I haven’t mentioned is my addiction to Pinterest.

What people who’ve never used Pinterest before tend to think its a place parents go to find new things to do with their kids, different recipes to try or birthday party ideas. People tend to believe that besides moms trying to entertain their toddlers or teachers looking for new crafts for their students, what else could possibly be on Pinterest.

However, that’s just the beginning of what’s Pinterest has to offer. Obviously, I’m not looking for the same types of things as parents or teachers.

Luckily Pinterest offers something for everyone.

Currently, my Pinterest obsession has been used to plan out my dorm room for next year. Since I will be living in a quad with my friends and now have a year of college under my belt, I obviously know exactly what I want my dorm to look like.

Right? Well maybe it isn’t that simple, but that’s why Pinterest is here to help. My quad board has everything from color schemes to throw pillows, basically anything we want to decorate our common room or my side of my bedroom.

While I have practical boards like that one, Pinterest is also that place where I can have 5 different boards dedicated to food (“Favorite Foods,” “Yummy Desserts,” “Cake Decorations,” “Donuts Make Me Go Nuts” and “Smoothie”) and a new one every year for Christmas (so far 2015-2017).

Not to mention the insane fashion inspiration I get on Pinterest, with links to buy the outfits.

For me, Pinterest acts as my online vision board.

Luckily it’s electronic and easy to change or add something new whenever my mind changes, which seems to be relatively often judging by the number of boards I have. It also lets me dream. I have a board called “I want to travel the world…” filled with some of my must-visit places for when I can afford it or go abroad, whichever comes first.

There’s also a board called “Future House” which I had to create when different home decor and such started showing up on my feed due to my obsessive dorm planning freshman year.

Anyways, the moral of the story is there’s so much more on Pinterest than just things for little kids. Pinterest might be an underappreciated social media to my peers, but really it might be the best website out there, at least in my opinion.