Pillows: Which is the best in 2020?
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Pillows: Which is the best in 2020?

Pillows: Which is the best of 2020?

Pillows: Which is the best in 2020?

Just as we are looking for a good pillow that works for us is our best option for adequate rest check Kallysleep. If you've ever woken up just to feel sore shoulders, or back, or neck, it may be time for you to replace your pillow. If at bedtime you allow your head, back, and neck to be well aligned, rest assured that you will get proper rest.

The right pillow will do that for you, giving you a straight posture aligning your neck with your spine. Her intention is that your sleeping position allows you to relax your muscles so that you get a restful rest. However, do you know the correct way to select the right pillow on Kallysleep? Which type is the most compatible with your sleep habits? Don't worry anymore, we will help you.

The most important

The first rule you should consider when choosing the right pillow is the position in which you usually sleep. The firmness of the pillow is given by the material or materials that make it up. It is possible to get different materials with different resistance.

The length of your pillow should be greater than the width of your shoulders. Those with a lower height are recommended for those who sleep on their stomachs or people of low weight. Those of greater height refers to those who sleep on their side and those who sleep on their backs those of intermediate height.

In the case of pillows with particular designs, such as cervical pillows, they are intended for people with specific problems. As well as those used in pregnancy.

Ranking: The best pillows on the market

Having a good pillow will allow you to have the quality sleep you need to rest properly. You must bear in mind your needs when sleeping, as well as your height and physical complexion so that you can choose the ideal pillow for you. Thinking of helping you to make the best decision, we have made the following list with our five favorite pillow models.

Sleep Innovations pillow.

It fits your dream, it fits your life. Its orthopedic design allows proper alignment of the spine, made with memory foam that adjusts to the contour of your body so that your muscles rest better and relax more. Distribute the weight to avoid painful pressure points. Its velvet cover can be removed for cleaning.

The foam padding is a hypoallergenic material, which reduces the incidence of allergies caused by mites. With measures of 52.8 × 36.1 × 12.2 cm, it adjusts to those who sleep on their side or back. It allows you to have a deeper sleep so that when you wake up you forget the pain or stiffness of both the neck and the back.

Concord Standard Ultrafresh Pillow.

Made of 100% microfiber, it does not keep bad smells or humidity, prevents allergic reactions, and reduces the number of asthma attacks. They can be machine or hand washed. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body, giving you unequaled rest. Hotel-style offers you comfort and lightness at bedtime. This brand offers you a 2 × 1 offer.

Don't be fooled by its price. Its ergonomic and therapeutic design allows you to reduce back and neck pain, also helping to decrease muscle stiffness. Its microfiber does not harden over time, thus taking care of its firmness and comfort. 100% Mexican company dedicated to the sale of whites for home and rest since 1959.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Pillow.

The perfect combination of Memory Foam and Cooling Gel allows you a perfect rest while keeping you cool when sleeping, especially on hot nights since it dissipates heat and promotes airflow. It measures 40.6 x60.9 x 12.7 cm, to keep your neck and head in an optimal position at night. Antimicrobial plush cover.

Due to its size, it adapts to any person, regardless of whether they sleep on their side, stomach or back. Its woven cover is natural and hypoallergenic, avoiding humidity and making the pillow more hygienic. Thanks to its Cool Pass technology that makes it breathable and maintains freshness. You can even take it on a trip as it will not deform.

Buying Guide: What you should know about pillows

First, you must understand that the pillow is not just another piece of the bed. It is very likely that if you are suffering from problems when sleeping or wake up more tired than before going to bed, you need to renew your pillow. So you shouldn't make your choice in a hurry, so we've taken the liberty of compiling the following guide.

What is a pillow?

The pillows are a fluffy consistency accessory where the headrests when sleeping. This is placed at the head of the mattress, where a cover according to the bedding is placed. It is responsible for keeping the spine aligned with the head, being a support for the curvature of the neck, and helping to relax the muscles prevents them from tensing.

What types of pillows are there?

Usually, we tend to choose pillows based on price or if their size fits the mattress. But in reality, it is a big mistake, because you are most likely not familiar with the different pillow models and their various functions. Since pillows are currently offered for all kinds of needs.

That is why we can find pillows made of both natural and synthetic fibers, with a firm or spongy consistency, among others. So later we will expose you to the various models of pillows available in the market together with their most relevant characteristics so that it is easier for you to choose.

What is memory foam?

The memory foam covering, or memory foam filling is an element originally designed by NASA with the aim of reducing the pressure that spacesuits put on the body of astronauts, making them more comfortable during launch. Later it has been used in the textile industry for the manufacture of both household items and automobiles.

Its use is so wide that it ranges from the hospital environment in the design of prosthetics to bed instruments such as pillows. Necessary additions in the case of people who require staying in bed or with spinal problems, reducing pressure on the cervical and lumbar spine. While engaging the curvatures of the body.

How do I know what my pillow size is?

Until a few years ago, all pillows were made in standard sizes, modified to fit the size of the mattress. Later they were classified as cures or soft. In some cases, they tended to modify their design for ergonomic or aesthetic reasons. But today we have anatomical factors that allow us to choose the right one.

The size or length of your pillow is based on three main characteristics: the width of your shoulders, the position in which you usually sleep, and the density you need or want. The simplest way to find out your pillow size is to lie on the thinnest one possible and add height with towels until you are in a comfortable position. Once this is done, measure its width and voila, you will have the perfect elevation.

How do I take care of my pillow?

Properly caring for your pillow not only allows you to get the most out of it, but also prolongs its life. Being of general knowledge they need to air your pillow with a certain periodicity. It is also necessary to exchange the side you use to avoid its deformity or to keep moisture and stain. You should always protect it with a cover.

What is the best pillow for pain?

Not using a pillow to sleep or using the wrong height will cause back or neck pain. But in case you already have these types of problems, it is recommended that you use a pillow that supports you in these areas if it becomes very rigid. Those made of viscoelastic material, in case of joint or muscle pain will always be your best option.

These types of pillows fit your complexion. In the same way, they decrease the pressure by distributing it over the entire surface, allowing your muscles to relax. These are what are called "memory" or "memory foam", because when we remove the pressure exerted, its fibers remember their original position without deforming.

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