picking the right clubs to join in college

Focusing on your academics is great, but sometimes we could use a break to do something we enjoy while still using our time wisely. Joining clubs/ extracurriculars in college is not only a good way to take a break from school work but can also help you make new friends or even build your resume.

In college, there are so many options for what clubs you can choose. If you can think of something, there is probably already a club for it. However, having all of these options may also seem a bit overwhelming; especially if you're trying to narrow it down to only one or two choices. Personally, it took me a while to pick out clubs that not only were going to be enjoyable but also going to be beneficial. I was also considering if I would be interested in a leadership position if I had decided to join a particular club, based on the information the presidents gave me.

Instead of going to club fairs, I decided to email a few of the presidents from some clubs I was interested in. Of course, most universities will host club fairs, which I still think are beneficial to go to. However, emailing was the most efficient way for me to get more information and narrow down my choices. On the universities' website, there is usually a list of all of the clubs offered. And by emailing, I was also ale to keep track of each club more easily.

I knew that I first wanted to join a club that was going to apply to major and future career and when I had finally chosen the club that I was most interested in, I had also decided to join a club or two that didn't have anything to do with my major. This is a good way to stay balanced in school while helping you appear to be a more well-rounded student. It's not healthy to constantly overload your mind with things that only have to do with your major, career, etc. Finding an extra club or two to join can help relieve some stress and allow you to fulfill some of your hobbies with other people you can relate to.

So, my best advice would be to pick a club that correlates with what you want to do later in life and one or two that are solely based on your favorite hobbies. And don't be afraid to run for leadership positions in the clubs you choose! If you are having a great time in your club, go for it! But, don't overwhelm yourself. Joining a club is ultimately supposed to be a fun experience where you can meet new people that have a lot of common with you. It's always good to try something new but, if you have certain qualities or talents that you want to showcase, make sure to find a club that best compliments those! When you join an extracurricular, you get out what you put in; always remember that.

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