How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Suit for a Wedding in Thailand

How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Suit for a Wedding in Thailand

Right Shoes for Your Suit

Everybody knows that getting married is one of the most important and memorable events in one’s life, and if you are getting married in Thailand, then this article will let you know how you can choose the right shoes for your suit for your Thai wedding.

You probably know that any traditional Thai wedding needs to pass through mandatory steps, and that there are certain clothes you cannot wear if you attend one (informal clothing). Moreover, the color black is considered to be a sign of bad luck in a wedding, so it’d be a good idea to avoid it.

Without anything else to add, let’s start!

For a Navy Suit:

This is a very popular choice for attending wedding and formal and important events. Here’s a wonderful combination that will make you look simply awesome:

1. Navy suit

2. White shirt

3. Cherry-red tie

4. Red, brown or black shoes

Of course, it is very important that your suit fits perfectly and that’s why you need to work with a tailor to make it happen. If you are in Bangkok, then you should visit Fashion Galleria, because they do an amazing job with any type of suit, and yes, their prices are pretty good for the high quality of their service.

For a Grey Suit:

A grey suit is another excellent choice for attending a Thai wedding ceremony, and especially if you wear this excellent combination:

1. Grey suit

2. White/Blue shirt

3. Red tie

4. Black or brown shoes

This combination looks elegant and exceptional, so if you want to look amazing, then you should try this one and you will leave everyone in awe. You can take it for granted, and of course, your suit needs to fit well.

For a Beige Suit: If you want to sport something different than your typical black, navy or grey suit, then you can try with a cream or beige one. And yes, here you have a great combination:

1. Beige suit

2. Blue shirt

3. Navy/Blue tie

4. Light brown shoes

This style is different, elegant and looks pretty sharp. Therefore, if you want to stand out and become the center of attention, then this combination will bring you so.

And it is worth to remember it: your grooming habits must be at their best, and of course, your suit needs to be completely tailored to you. That’s how you will look simply superb.

Additional Tips and Closing:

Now you have all that is needed to look elegant and excellent with your suit. These combinations will make you stand out from the rest.

Your shoes play a very important role and now you know what color to pick for each color of suit. Moreover, make sure they look very clean and even pristine, because this will solely add more points in your favor.

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10 Eyeshadow Tricks Every Beginner Needs To Know

So you can look like a pro

Eyeshadow. One of the most basic parts of makeup that also has infinite room for creativity. Makeup companies have been releasing eyeshadow palettes like crazy the past two years, ranging from basic neutral palettes to bold, colorful ones. All these options can be overwhelming for a beginner, but have no fear! This article will help you master the basic techniques and tips for creating a flawless eyeshadow look.

1. Wet the brush when applying shimmer shades

This is one of the best makeup hacks in the books. If you want your shimmer shade to be more reflective and opaque than it already is, then pick up the shade on a flat shader brush and spritz it with some setting spray (or even water)! This will make the shadow apply like a paint, making it easier to spread with a more foiled, bright finish.

Note: Do NOT try this with matte shadows! This technique works beautifully with shimmer/metallic shades but WILL ruin your mattes.

2. Do your eyeshadow before the rest of your face

I love doing this when I have a very specific, dramatic look in mind. It gives me the power to correct mistakes without fear of ruining my base makeup, and makes my makeup look very crisp and precise. One of my favorite things to do is apply tape to the sides of my eyes in the direction of my eyeliner, because I can blend messily but still have a sharp line after removing the tape! If you don’t want to use tape, then you can also take a makeup wipe and remove the shadow in the shape of a wing.

3. Brush away fall out with a powder brush

Fall out is one of the most annoying parts about eyeshadow, especially when using soft shadows that blend beautifully. If you’ve already done your base makeup and are experiencing fall out from your shadow, then fear not! Simply take a powder brush and carefully brush the pigment away. Try to brush it towards the sides of your face, so it won’t disrupt other parts of your face makeup.

4. Apply a transition shade

The most underrated, yet important step when creating an eyeshadow look. A transition shade is a shade that sets the background for the look you’re going for. This allows for a seamless, gradient effect for your eyeshadow, especially when trying to incorporate darker shades. A transition shade will make your look appear softer and more blown out, rather than harsh and unblended.

5. Use black or brown eyeshadow as a soft eyeliner

I often don’t like applying eyeliner every day because it makes my “natural” look appear more dressy than intended. However, I do notice that I want to have some definition that separates my lashes from my eyeshadow look. Using a black or brown eyeshadow is perfect for these days, and all I do is press the color on my lash line using the tip of a flat shader brush. It adds the most natural, yet smoky dimension that won’t overpower your look.

6. Highlight your inner corner and brow bone

I can’t go a day without doing this. Highlighting your inner corner and brow bone makes your face appear more awake, illuminated, and defined because it will attract light towards the center of your face. You can do this with a matte or shimmer shade, as long as it’s light and acts as a highlighter on your complexion!

7. Use your finger to apply shimmer shades

Ever notice that shimmer shades almost always swatch better than they apply with a brush? While spritzing your brush can intensify shimmer shadow, applying them with your finger can be one of the easiest ways to achieve a very pigmented look that reflects exactly what you see in the eyeshadow pan. Simply swirl your (clean) finger in the eyeshadow, and either swipe or pat it on to your eyelid.

8. Dark on the outside, light on the inside

The general rule of thumb for eyeshadow is to do darker shades on the outer corners, and lighter shades towards the inner corners of your eye. The darker shades will allow you to frame your eye shape, while the lighter shades will help draw attention to parts of your eye that people will see most (inner corner, lid). While there’s no rules in makeup, this is a general technique that most people follow when doing their eyeshadow.

9. Cut the crease

When making a dramatic and creative look, it’s easy to run out of lid space and fill it with various matte shades that make the eye look small and dark. However, there is a way to fake the appearance of more lid space! All you have to do is “cut” your crease, which means that you take concealer and blank out your lid space. This will allow your beautiful crease work to shine though, while allowing you to play with more space on your lid. I love applying a beautiful shimmer shade or glitter after cutting the crease, because it makes the color shine brighter than if I were put it on top of a dark, matte shade.

10. Smoke out the lower lash line

This trick is something that many of us know, but rarely take advantage of. “Smoking out” the lower lash line is simply blending color under your lash line to help create a more cohesive and/or dramatic look. Doing this will also bring attention to the whites in your eye, and better frame your eye shape. However, be careful to not go too dark if you’re going for a natural look! This trick can make your eyes look smaller if you use a dark shade, so choose wisely according to the look you’re creating.

Cover Image Credit: Haley Rivera on Unsplash

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