How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Suit for a Wedding in Thailand

How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Suit for a Wedding in Thailand

Right Shoes for Your Suit

Everybody knows that getting married is one of the most important and memorable events in one’s life, and if you are getting married in Thailand, then this article will let you know how you can choose the right shoes for your suit for your Thai wedding.

You probably know that any traditional Thai wedding needs to pass through mandatory steps, and that there are certain clothes you cannot wear if you attend one (informal clothing). Moreover, the color black is considered to be a sign of bad luck in a wedding, so it’d be a good idea to avoid it.

Without anything else to add, let’s start!

For a Navy Suit:

This is a very popular choice for attending wedding and formal and important events. Here’s a wonderful combination that will make you look simply awesome:

1. Navy suit

2. White shirt

3. Cherry-red tie

4. Red, brown or black shoes

Of course, it is very important that your suit fits perfectly and that’s why you need to work with a tailor to make it happen. If you are in Bangkok, then you should visit Fashion Galleria, because they do an amazing job with any type of suit, and yes, their prices are pretty good for the high quality of their service.

For a Grey Suit:

A grey suit is another excellent choice for attending a Thai wedding ceremony, and especially if you wear this excellent combination:

1. Grey suit

2. White/Blue shirt

3. Red tie

4. Black or brown shoes

This combination looks elegant and exceptional, so if you want to look amazing, then you should try this one and you will leave everyone in awe. You can take it for granted, and of course, your suit needs to fit well.

For a Beige Suit: If you want to sport something different than your typical black, navy or grey suit, then you can try with a cream or beige one. And yes, here you have a great combination:

1. Beige suit

2. Blue shirt

3. Navy/Blue tie

4. Light brown shoes

This style is different, elegant and looks pretty sharp. Therefore, if you want to stand out and become the center of attention, then this combination will bring you so.

And it is worth to remember it: your grooming habits must be at their best, and of course, your suit needs to be completely tailored to you. That’s how you will look simply superb.

Additional Tips and Closing:

Now you have all that is needed to look elegant and excellent with your suit. These combinations will make you stand out from the rest.

Your shoes play a very important role and now you know what color to pick for each color of suit. Moreover, make sure they look very clean and even pristine, because this will solely add more points in your favor.

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Cover Image Credit: Via Roxy Saravia

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5 Ways You Can Start A Healthy New Year

Wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Everyone always wants to start over and get healthier for the New Year. Here are 5 ways that you can do just that:

1. Do a yearly review.

Ask yourself questions. Think about last year.

  • What went well for me last year?
  • What accomplishments did I have?
  • How did I improve my life or how can I?
  • How did I improve my relationships or how can I?
  • What did I remove from my life that is now making me happier or how can I?
  • What do I wish I had taken more time for?

These types of questions are about all the important areas of your life: your family, relationships, finances, your career, and your home. These questions will help you appreciate all you’ve accomplished in the previous year, and you can use this information to start the new year off right and set better goals for the next year.

2. Finish what you started.

Which projects, errands, and general list of to-do items do you have left over from the previous year that you can complete in 2 hours or less? Do them now to clear your mind of the old items. Keeping projects around like pets doesn’t do us any good; they just weigh on our minds. People will spend hours thinking about something that will only take 10 minutes to take care of. Cross those things off your list and give yourself a fresh start.

3. Be realistic and honest.

Dreaming is fabulous and highly recommended, but if you want to initiate improvements in your life, you need to be realistic and honest with yourself. As much as you may want something, it’s very likely you don’t really believe you can have it. If you did, you would already have achieved it.

We have to turn a dream into something we can picture accomplishing before it can become a reality.Take your dream and start breaking it down into milestones: if you want to work from home, what are the steps you need to take? Break those steps down further so you can create a game-plan and start working towards accomplishing that dream.

4. Focus on what YOU really want.

Ask yourself what your dream looks like. What are you doing in the dream? How are you living? Who is in the dream with you? What does a typical day entail?

These questions will help you define what lifestyle you really want, and give you ideas about how you can achieve that lifestyle. For example, if you see yourself relaxing by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea, ask yourself why you aren’t spending more time that way now. What things are in your way and how can you rearrange your priorities in order to have the lifestyle you really want?

If you think that what you want is more money, keep digging and thinking about that response. What would you do if you had endless amounts of money? Would you travel, volunteer, or live simply and quietly away from it all?

5. Putting yourself first.

We really can’t help others until we help ourselves. But, taking care of yourself and striving to reach your own goals will make you a better spouse, friend, child, and parent. Be sure to make time for yourself each day to work toward your goals, or to attain the lifestyle you want.

These 5 resolutions can help everyone be much healthier in 2018. These resolutions don't just help us physcially, but emotionally, spiritually, and socially as well.

January 1st, 2018 is a Monday. A fresh week. A fresh month. A fresh year. If you want to start over and have a healthy New Year, it's the perfect time to do so.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

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