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Photo album: Myrtle Beach's Captivating Backdrops

"Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Eeman Uddin

Our recent summer vacation to Myrtle Beach involved a lot of waking up early and catching the sunrise. With the sand in between my toes, the ocean lapping at my heels and the salty mist spraying my fast I had a great time alongside my family. South Carolina sure did bring out its finest backdrops throughout our stay, and we made sure to relish every second of it.

Our sillohutes against a gorgeous view.

We sure did have a lot of SUN! Especially trying to take this picture.

The moon came through

Am I walking away from the sun or towards it?

Boardwalk sunset

In case you didn't know where the sun was, here's a hand.

This sunrise needed a "pinch" of PERSON-ality.

There's no Myrtle without a tyrtle.

A tiring walk along the beach at 5 am.

Let it shine! Two skylines converged.

Vitaman sea with a side of sea foam

A sillohute cutting through the view.

Single handedly holding up the weight of the sun

Still holding up the sun (but with a little help).

View from our balcony.

Beneath the boardwalk

My mom thought it was a water bottle and picked it up! Suprise, it was a jellyfish.

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