A trail of rocks beginning at the shore and leading to the soul of the ocean is where you will find me. I am naked.

I am stagnant but not stranded

I have an issue but I have known the solution all along

I am lost but I know the way out

The waves are high and roll in and out yet I am dry, the pelicans fly over my head but are silent when they fly over me, the sharks can smell the blood leaking from my heart but don't eat me.

They painted you and her across the sky and presented to me your new life and said, "why is he living his life and you are here wasting time."

So I ran.

I ran like I was running from the police but instead of screaming "Don't shoot!" I was screaming "I am whole! Thank God I am Whole!"

I am powerful, you tried to break me but you failed over and over again and you will fail every time because of my soul

I tried to dust off my shoulders but no dust was there, I tried to wish you the best but got damn it I just ain't fucking care

I tried to shed a tear for you but I just couldn't afford to mess up this make-up.

My fellow female you are strong my fellow female I promise you that you are mighty

What power

What faculty

You are the phenomenal women Maya was talking about

You are a miracle

To run down that hazy trail of rocks not knowing how you'll pick up the pieces, not knowing where you'll pick up, and to still love unconditionally with half a heart but still giving your all as if it were whole.