8 Phases After A Semester Ends
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Student Life

8 Phases After A Semester Ends

Will I finish this degree or will this degree finish me? Stay tuned to find out.

8 Phases After A Semester Ends
Jake Hills from Unsplash

Every semester, I feel like I have a myriad of feelings right before and they're all the same. I think each time I go through some specific phases that become my mindset about the coming semester and here they are, in order:

1. Happiness

I'm FINALLY DONE with finals, projects and won't ever have to see those annoying faces in that one class, except if you had a crush or something, well that's something completely different. Anywho, I'm finally FREE. I can do whatever the hell I want, catch up with old friends, party hard, get hungover and definitely catch up on the three important things that I didn't do much during the semester: sleep, exercise and read/eat all of mom's food. (Okay, four)

2. Bittersweet Sadness

It's something that's sorta part of the last feeling and sadness where you're kinda weirdly sad to leave your dorm, your friends and just USC (or insert your university) in general. SAD.

3. Bliss

I'm sleeping in everyday, I finally, FINALLY get to go to those pilates classes, I'm eating everything whenever I'd like and I'm hanging out with old friends and great family. This is the life I asked for. Suck it finals and classes and BUAD 304 that literally taught me nothing.

4. Nervousness and Anger

This has nothing to do with the pure bliss of a lifestyle I've been having so far and has much to do with my STARS report. Oops, GPA who? Stable job after graduation who? Professor gave me a C in a fucking GE WHO? Yeah, once you're on Cloud 9, there's always a drop that's lower than 9000. (And that gif is me throwing my computer outside because honestly I can't.)

5. Sadness* (Optional)

I count this phase/step as optional because not everyone is the same when faced with adversity or just poor grades in general. I am one of those people who just completely have to fall into "sulk mode", where I just am sad and disappointed in myself and I can't move on without completely feeling this way. This helps me move onto brighter things, but some people just skip this and are immediately motivated to do better next semester. I don't know, people are different.

6. Reflecting/Acceptance

When something bad happens or some sort of adversity occurs, any sort of human being has to go through a phase where he/she/they start to understand what happened and accept the terms of their situation. Again, another way to move on from this terrible circumstance. I like to reflect on what went wrong, why I feel x and y and what I can do in the future. It's a long process for me to recover from that 9000 feet fall.

7. Neutral Zone: Optimism

Now entering the neutral zone: it's a place where I no longer feel crushed by my own disappointing thoughts and negativity and am chilling. Yes, I am ~chilling~ with my emotions and we are, so, totally, zen bro.

8. Excitement Tactic

I look at my classes again and most likely change most of them into easy GE's and easy A classes because that GPA will get ya girl NOWHERE :) But honestly, this is the part where you're excited to go back in that car/plane to LA (or wherever your uni is) and see your friends again and go grocery shopping and get motivated to work hard and work out hard ;)

I feel a lot of things (in general) but always after a semester, it's just the same damn pattern. I wonder, do you also feel this way?

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