Whether it's freshman year or your last winter break, coming home is always an interesting experience after being away at college. Here are the phases I've gone through thus far since coming home for the holidays:

1. Finals end, and you're hyped to head home

2. You are thrilled that you get a whole month without worrying about classes again

3. You finally reunite with your pets

And they're TOTALLY thrilled to see you too...

4. You have a family night and enjoy your first home-cooked meal in ages and all feels right with the world

5. You can't decide whether you should unpack, live out of your suitcase for a month, or throw all of your belongings on the floor

6. You eventually decide to be an adult and unpack, only to find that only half of your things fit in your room/closet

How did this happen?

7. You see your friends from home and everything is fine and dandy

8. After a few days, the "guest" illusion passes and you start taking part in usual household chores again

9. You realize that making last minute plans with friends doesn't work anymore when you're on your family's schedule

10. You start to find that having somebody keeping tabs on you again feels like a burden, even though you didn't notice it at all in high school

11. Without the free gym just a short walk away, you get fatter than you ever did while at school

Being spoiled with awesome home-cooked meals doesn't exactly help this issue either.

12. You wish you could hang out with your best friend from college and tell them about everything that's happened since you last saw them

13. It doesn't matter how much you love your family; a few weeks away from college starts to feel like an eternity

14. Weeks have gone by and somehow you've only managed to hang out with your squad once or twice.

15. You have a boatload of things to get done before you go back to school

Life is reduced to dentist and doctor appointments, haircuts, oil changes, and taking care of all of the things that don't get done at school.

16. Despite all of this, you manage to find time for boredom

Not a jab at my family; you just don't realize how fast-paced college life is until you go back home.

17. It's time to start packing to go back and you have no idea where to start

Which clothes do I wear, again?