A lot of people out there love animals - dogs and cats are the usual suspects. But what about the people who keep the exotic ones? How much time could a lizard really take up, right? You've constantly seen lists of pets that people think are easy to take care of, but perceptions can be wrong.

1. Fish.

Yes, that's a goldfish. Yes they get that big. No, they cannot live in a bowl. Bettas can't either.

Make no mistake fish can be extremely complicated to keep as pets. Fish can get a wide variety of bacterial infections, including one that can infect the owner for months, as well as parasitic and fungal infections. Without proper care, these will spread through your tank and infect most if not all of the inhabitants. Fish can be aggressive and get extremely large, resulting in needing a large tank, so you always need to research a fish you take home. In addition, most tanks require weekly water changes, so every week you better get down and dirty to change some fish water. Not only that, every month your filters need to be cleaned (can confirm it's way more disgusting than just cleaning the tank). Fish can actually kill each other or eat each other if they're not compatible. You always need to watch for stress, too.

2. Birds.

Birds seem easy - they sit in a cage all day, right? Wrong.

Most species of birds need daily stimulation, so that means every day you need to be around for birdy and even periodically change the toys in the cage. In addition, birds need time outside of the cage to exercise and the food you often see in stores is usually an inadequate diet to regularly feed a bird - fruits and veggies should be included. Birds also crave regularity. If they usually eat at 7, they want to eat at 7 every day. They love to have a routine. Much like children they will scream for your attention if they're feeling ignored and have been known to throw quite a few temper tantrums. Also - it's best to not use Teflon or any non stick pans around birds, because if the smoke is inhaled it can be toxic.

3. Lizards.

As shown here, a lot of lizards get big. Really big.

Lizards aren't difficult to care for so much as lizards are expensive to care for. They need tanks that are fairly large assuming it's anything bigger than a gecko. Some lizards need really expensive setups - take the chameleon for example. Chameleons need humidity in their tank which can run hundreds if not thousands of dollars to set up. They're sensitive to temperatures so either way a lizard needs some sort of temperature regulation. In addition, they molt and generally lizard keepers watch their progress just in case of something being wrong. It's also fairly difficult to find a vet for lizards.

4. Hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs are insectivores - meaning, if they're going to be housed, they need a special diet and special temperature regulation. They're not yet fully considered tame, either, even though they're quite small. In addition I'd imagine such a small creature is rather delicate.

5. Turtles.

Turtles can live an extremely long time and much like fish, can get extremely large. Its also worth it to pay attention to where you live, as certain species may be illegal in areas. The aquatic turtles also typically require water changes and a large tank.

6. Dogs (yes, you read that right).

Yes, America's favorite animal. Just because it's our favorite doesn't mean it's easy. Dogs require everything you'd typically think of as well as behavioral methods if it's a rescued dog or a shelter dog.

7. Saltwater fish.

Yes, saltwater fish need to be on here as a separate entity.

Saltwater fish are bad pets for most people. they're usually wild caught, stunned with chemicals, hard to take care of, and even difficult to feed. they need an entire ecosystem within the tank which is not easy to recreate. Don't go buy Dory. please.