11 Personalized Etsy Gifts Everyones Sure To Love

There are so many reasons to spoil those in your life that you care about. From holidays to just cause, gift giving can show people you're thinking of them. Instead of a simple gift card, go above and beyond with your gift giving. Present someone with an incredibly personalized gift. Unique gifts are sure to be remembered and will ensure you aren't giving someone something they've already received. It's also great to support creators selling their work online! Next time you're shopping for gifts for someone you care about, consider helping out small Esty businesses that make adorable personalized products.

1. Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Customize everything from the icing color to the box & wrapping paper.

2. Night Stand Valet

Add initials to this super handy table valet.

3. Engraved Journal

A simple but cute gift idea.

4. Travel Collage

Mark your journeys with your favorite photo from every trip.

5. Custom Candle

Pick out a scent, color, and message to create the perfect candle.

6. Wooden Coasters

A helpful gift anyone could make use of.

7. Book Sculpture

A unique way to remember an important date.

8. Last Name Sign

A simple sign that can be a great gift for anyone.

9. Custom Magnets

Give the gift of someone's own face as a cute magnet cartoon.

10. Zodiac Constellation Shirt

Please a zodiac lover with this constellation tee.

11. Custom illustration

Have an artist create a custom illustration of you and someone you care about for an ultra personal art piece.

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