For everything you do, there should be a purpose in doing it. This can be something as simple as just basic societal things such as personal care, or healthy habits. However, what I am referring to is personal decisions beyond that norm. Why are you communicating with said person? What do you gain, or what do they gain? How can you show you truly care?

Better yet, what drives you? What are you doing to fulfill a given purpose? What are you passionate about? Find your passion and hold on to it. Be that person who makes a difference in the world.

When I want to build something, it isn't about putting the eye in the prize. It is about personal satisfaction in knowing you finished your work. You created something that could have an impact. There are competitions that I enter sometimes that I know I am likely going to lose. I have less funding or less powerful connections. However, if I still build the prototype, I know I completed something. Sometimes people with a not as efficient prototype win with more flashy funding and better presentation. However, deep in my head I know my prototype is more efficient.

I create lots of stuff. It is the passion, the risk-taking, the interest that drives me to succeed. When I don't have a support system, that won't stop me. When people take advantage of my intellect or talent, that is just a stepping stone.

There are some projects that I build that can make lots of money, but other projects that don't get enough funding that can save lives. Both, I am passionate about the technology. However, guess where my heart lies or in which one I am more emotional towards

Doing stuff that motivates you gives you a drive. When you fail, it is only truly a fail if you accept defeat. Defeat is giving up. Failure is giving up. It is losing that passion, that strive. However, nobody can change the state of mind you have but yourself. You have God-given free will. You don't fail until you chose to give up. If you are forced to give up something, it isn't a failure. It is prevention.