There is nothing quite like losing a friend. No words can quite describe the hole that it leaves in your heart. But even worse then losing a friend, is losing someone who became family. Losing a support system, your best friend, and the person you talked to about everything. And it's in losing that person that we learn a lot about ourselves.

Losing this person doesn't have to mean death. Sometimes things happen, and you stop talking to each other. Whether it be distance, meeting other people, or some stupid thing that one of you said, it's heart wrenching. Heart wrenching because the only person you want to talk to about what is going on is that person. Heart wrenching because the only person that knows what to say to get you out of your funk is that person, but they aren't there.

You'll spend nights crying yourself to sleep, and then dreaming about being with them again. Mornings filled with anxiety attacks when you realize they still aren't in your inbox or new messages. Days of depression, and days of good times; but the hurt comes back when you realize they aren't there with you.

They say time heals all wounds, and to a point it does. But the hurt doesn't ever fully go away. The days will get easier. The nights will slowly become bearable. Some day maybe it won't hurt when you hear their name, but instead you'll smile and remember all the good times you had. Though there will always be a tender spot in your heart. A spot that is can't quite give itself up to anyone else. And that's okay.

To the friend we lose. Whether it was too soon or for a reason we don't understand. We love you. We miss you. Life won't be the same without you.