To My Person in Heaven,

It goes without saying that I miss you every day. You taught me so much about working hard, the importance of family, and of course the necessity of vanilla sandwich cookies.

Whether we were playing Old Maid, walking your dog, or just sitting at your dining room table talking over cream sodas, you always made me—and anyone around you—feel special and important.

When anyone was stressed, you would just wink and nod to say “It’s going to be ok.”

I remember going to your house every Christmas Eve, and the subtle smile on your face as the whole family sat talking and laughing.

I remember seeing you in the audience of every recital and play I was in, even when I was only onstage for a couple minutes.

I remember when we would hear a tap on the front window, and you’d be on the porch in your favorite jacket and baseball cap.

Even when you got sick, you still had a kind word for everyone, and you always wanted to share what little good food you had.

I hope heaven is beautiful, and looks a lot like the pretty country roads you liked to drive on. I hope you still get yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles on your birthday.

It’s been so hard to live without you. But I know you’re watching over us, just like you always did. Every time “What a Wonderful World” comes on, I know your spirit is still with us.

You’re the one who taught me to always say “I love you.” I want you to know I love and miss you so much.


A member of that crazy vegetarian family