People change people. I'll believe that until the day I die and you changed me in more ways than one. Honestly, you did. At the time, I was also going through so much in my personal life and there should not have been any reason for someone new to enter my life, but the sad reality is that you were my escape from what was going on in my personal life and I needed an excuse to not focus on those issues. That was you.

I was told to move on, find someone else, and encouraged even to text you just so I can find closure and then move on, but I can't do that. Distance makes the heart grow fonder; because the longer I go without seeing you (physically) or hearing from you, the more I start to wonder what you're up to. It's how I grieve, I guess. I think about you all the time and you've been on my mind for the past few weeks. I want to text you to see how you're doing, but I can't, so I'm just writing (as always) to get through this phase I'm going through. Of course, I'm writing to you, but part of me is writing to me. I wrote to you a year ago, but I was in a different headspace then — I'm not the same girl from last year or even six years ago.

I'm different, thanks to you.

I'm thankful for the friendship we shared and the time we spent getting to know each other, but I know that you're not thinking of me — so, it's time for me to stop thinking about you.

You were also my security blanket and I'm thankful for the time that I spent with you, even though you may never hear that. I am very grateful for you and our friendship overall because that was something so unexpected in my life, but I felt that it was needed. You were a breath of fresh air for me and after feeling like I was drowning for months, you came and saved me.

And for that, I am glad to have met you.