To The Person Complaining About Technology Ruining Society

To The Person Complaining About Technology Ruining Society

And the one saying we should look up from our phones.

You’re right.

Those webcomics talking about how "Technology will destroy us all!!!" with each exclamation another layer of your frenzied and entitled attitude must mean you're right.

You sit down and write with such ferocity you hope the clacking of your laptop keyboard doesn't give way to those typing fingers and rip the A S D F keys out of their sockets.

You pat yourself on the back with phrases like

~~Heads lured by Samsung’s seductress~~


~~The Apple iPhone of my eyes~~

You’re right.

We can’t help it. We are so disconnected. We don’t ask people how their day was. We don’t ask the 50-something-year-old man sitting next to us on a bench in a Denny’s what he plans on ordering while we wait to hear our party's name. According to the 50-something-year-old man’s son, we are wired to technology, and he treats himself to fried donut balls for his impeccable use of the word "wired." His comic goes viral on Facebook, ironically. It’s a success. His victory warrants a scoff from him to the young girl playing on an iPad on that same bench. In the apocalypse descending on his world, he preaches from the bunkers.

Do you mind if I respond?

It’s awesome. I find it awesome. This is awesome, not sad. No matter how far we fall into this beautiful world digitally constructed by others and ourselves, it can’t destroy us. What are you talking about? The affection people give each other tie personal connections stronger than rock —no, that's too cliche — connections tighter than your stomach after eating a peanut butter cup pancake breakfast with hash browns and fried eggs from Denny’s.

Communication and connections are what keeps us grounded, what helps us carry on, and technology can enhance those wonderful, human experiences for us.

We are rooted in the organic and pure sensation of emotions, so heaven forbid that we want to carry that into our text conversation, tweet or video conversation.

So maybe you're wrong.

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