Being the youngest child definitely has its disadvantages. You get left out of things because you are “too young to understand.” You always think your parents aren’t giving you as much attention. You’re often compared to your older siblings. It sucks sometimes. But most of the time, your older siblings definitely came in clutch.

1. They let you tag along

Dang, was I the annoying girl whose sister brought her everywhere. Most of the time, my sister brought me with her to dinners, birthdays, occasional parties — just about everywhere because she had to. Sorry, sis.

2. You always have a "walking, talking ATM"

Going out with older siblings, you never had to worry about paying for anything. They had jobs before I did and paid for my expenses left and right. Sometimes, they even gave me a credit card to use and boy, did they regret that.

3. You always have a friend

Even when they get on your nerves, you can still go to them and they’ll listen to your rants and complaints. They’re the only people you can go to for the tiniest, most dramatic, irrelevant stuff that goes on in your life. They’ll laugh at you, make you feel better, and you can move along with your day. But they’re also there for you when you need life advice.

4. You have a second, third, and fourth home

When you’re broke and don’t want to stay home, you can always go to your sibling’s place. Your older siblings will probably move out before you do, and well … their house is your house. And they ALWAYS HAVE FOOD.

5. You get to be the cool, fun aunt/uncle.

Having two little nieces is the absolute best. You can spoil them, play with them, but return them when you’re tired. They’re not your kids, so you have no responsibility.

6. You have a personal chauffeur.

Mom and dad can’t take you to that birthday party? Don’t worry, your older siblings can!

7. You're spoiled as heck!

Thanks, Amani, Mohamed and Omar for being the best older siblings a girl can ask for.