Perks Of Country Living
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Perks Of Country Living

Country roads take me home...

Perks Of Country Living

I moved out of the city at age three, and progressively continued to move to more rural areas, until I reached my current home on 10 acres of land 25 minutes outside of the city. Though I had occasional jealousy for people who lived close to friends in a neighborhood, I realized that living in the country is a unique experience not to be taken for granted. I grew up with space to roam, and fresh open air around me, and though it is a trek to get from place to place I wouldn't have it any other way. Here I've compiled a few perks of living in the country.

1. Open sky.

When I look up into the sky at night, I see stars. There are no streetlights or buildings blocking me from witnessing its beauty. I've been able to point out numerous constellations from my own backyard from the Big Dipper to Orion since I was just a child. There is something about being able to see how expansive the sky truly is to put life into perspective, and with country living I've been able to clearly see and understand this.

2. More space for animals.

With more space than city properties could ever provide, and not to mention less regulations my childhood was filled with various exotic pets and farm animals just because we had the land. Like many farms we had the standard pets like chickens, ducks, pigs, and goats, and unlike some we had the occasional peacock, llama, Guinea Hen, and goose. Growing up with the opportunity to see the life cycle of various species was always fascinating and entertaining while also providing me with my favorite pets (RIP, Holly the goat). I grew up side by side with goats and other livestock, even having some in our home on occasion (we still have hatching chicks in the basement). It is these memories that I will never forget.

3. A feeling of safety.

I have never once felt unsafe while living in my home. It is fairly secluded, our road isn't busy, and I have never had fear of not locking my car or house door at night. Living in a city may have its perks but a downfall can be a feeling of safety especially in highly populated areas where crime rates can soar. The country in its simplicity just has less people, and is thus less likely to suffer from burglary etc.

4. More room to explore.

With 10 acres of land, I was never hurting to find something to do. At my old home, I would go for walks in the woods, play in the creek, and explore what I used to call "The Great Northwest." At my current home we have a hill behind our home perfect for sledding and plenty of property to have bonfires and hike on trails through the woods. You would have to go to a public park in the city instead of having these perks right in your own backyard.

5. Beautiful scenery.

The famous John Denver song, "Take Me Home, Country Roads," wasn't singing about the country for nothing. Traveling down scenic country roads or merely sitting in your backyard for a quiet evening can portray the beauty and serenity of country living. It is less fast paced, more simple, and much more beautiful (in my opinion) than the same old city streets.

6. Fresh air.

If you breath in deeply out here the air is pure and clean. It might help that my home is also surrounded by trees, but plain and simple the air is fresher in the country.

Needless to say, the safety, tranquility, and room to grow provided in my country home always makes me happy to return, as John Denver sang, "to the place where I belong."

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