Which are the best performing arts centers in New Jersey?
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Which are the best performing arts centers in New Jersey?

Which are the best performing arts centers in New Jersey?

Being a patron of the performing arts can truly benefit you and your family. Whether you’re a fan of watching plays, attending live music concerts, or comedy shows, there are many ways that performing arts can enrich your life and even make you a happier person. Visiting a performing arts center in New Jersey can help you tap into your creative side, boost your imagination, be more connected with your community and even improve your focus. These facets of life are very important and can seep into other areas of your life like professional and personal satisfaction.

Now, if you’re considering heading to a performing arts show, it’s important to note that the theater you’re going to watch the show in makes a big difference as far as the overall experience is concerned. A great theater is one that has a good audio and visual system, a spacious stage, comfortable seating, good ambience, and a diverse set of shows each month. Good theaters are known for working with top performers and producers to bring their audience the very best of culture. This is why it makes sense to be a bit picky about the theaters you visit.

4 of the Best performing arts centers in New Jersey!

Here are some of the best performing arts centers in New Jersey that you should consider going to:

  1. Hopewell Theater: Established all the way back in 1880 (when it was known as the Columbia Hall), Hopewell Theater is a legitimate landmark in New Jersey and a place that is beloved by many. The theater has a 180-seat capacity, which is fairly large, and has a vision to be the premier off-broadway theater in the country. The theater aims to foster more connections within the community, thereby enriching the lives of its patrons. Hopewell Theater hosts a plethora of shows including screen old movies, off-broadway plays, music concerts, comedy acts, and more.
  2. Mayo Performing Arts Center: This theater in Morristown offers more than 200 exciting events and caters primarily to families and children. As performing arts have proven to improve the lives of children (along with their academic performance), this particular theater is extremely popular amongst families who want their children to have a holistic learning experience. It boasts of many different attractions including a full orchestra, the use of innovative technology, and the convenience of being located near an array of bars and restaurants. You can spend an entire evening at Morristown and end it with dinner and a great show!
  3. Papermill Playhouse: The Papermill Playhouse offers an intimate and cozy setting for those who want to enjoy an artistic experience without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of large crowds. This performing arts theater won the 2016 Tony Award for Regional Theater and that should tell you everything you need to know about it. The Papermill Playhouse puts on a variety of shows that cater to people of all ages, making this a good option for families, people looking for date spots, and friends who want something new and fun to do together.
  4. South Orange Performing Arts Theater: If you’re looking to enjoy the experience of being at a large theater, then the South Orange Performing Arts Theater might just be your best bet. This is because this theater has a total capacity of 439 seats, making it the ideal venue for large concerts and shows. The theater has its own art gallery and cinema.
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