How To Create The Perfect Travel Playlist

Perfect Travel Playlists Do Exist

Constantly skipping song after song for the perfect one to fit your travel vibes is the worst! Listen to the "just-right" music you've been waiting for on your trip!

Molly Goebel

Whether you need the perfect walking-to-class playlist, traveling-home-for-break playlist, or going-on-a-road-trip playlist, it is simple to create a travel playlist personal to your own style that doesn't have you skipping through songs you added on a whim for the catchy songs you're yearning to listen to.

Now, like most playlists, there are always going to be the select few songs that must be featured. It would feel like an insult not to give yourself the pleasure to jam those particular songs through the speakers of the car or through your headphones. These "must-haves" are usually the current favorites that have captured your attention and won't let go; therefore meaning, the songs that are incessantly on repeat wherever you are annoying everyone else unless they embrace them for all their glory as well. This section of songs for your travel playlist can also consist of All-Time-Favorites that have never lost your interest and give you all the good and bad feels.

Usually, the All-Time-Favorites are also considered the most singable songs on a travel playlist since enough time has passed for you to become a master of the lyrics which brings us to the next important section of the Perfect Travel Playlist: the sing-along-turn-up-the-volume-a-bit-more section. There's nothing like the surprise of a "sing-along" song that can bring a whole car of friends or family together shouting the lyrics or remembering the dance you and your best friend came up with in the fifth grade to that song. Nostalgic songs do wonders for a travel playlist (especially if you're with friends and are able to blast back to the past for a bit).

Sometimes, though, you have those songs you love that make others give you the confused side eye. They're bops for you, but, unfortunately, others haven't grown to appreciate the odd side of your music taste. Maybe these "guilty-pleasure-picks" for you are instrumental scores, Broadway musicals, classic Disney songs (hard to believe that someone wouldn't appreciate those, right?), or even some international music. With some of these in the mix, any travel companions may have a change of heart.

There are some people out there though who enjoy a travel playlist that has songs that match the relaxed vibe of traveling. These types of songs are more for setting a tone for the trip. The "travel songs" are more like background music or soundtrack-esque: the types of songs that make you want to stare out the window and wonder as if it was the soundtrack to the movie of your life.

However, traveling is also the perfect time to binge new music. That current obsession for that new artist or album you just discovered can finally be explored with your travel time! Find other songs you like by that artist to add to your playlist or finally learn all the lyrics to every song in that new album and shock all your friends when you get back.

A playlist created with such variety from different parts of your music taste mixes together to give you the Perfect Personalized Travel Playlist that won't have you skipping every other song because you hand-picked songs that will fit your musical needs.

Happy listening on your next trip!

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