How The Perfect Job Found Me

Finding a job that is willing to hire a college student for the summer can be difficult. I knew before this summer started that I wanted to work close to home, but I struggled finding a place that wanted someone just for the summer season. Halfway into May, I wanted to give up, and I had decided to continue working part time at my father's business for the next few months. However, I wouldn't have many hours because there wasn't a whole lot for me to do in the office every day, which was the whole reason I was looking for another part-time job in the first place.

Once I made my decision to stop looking, a couple days later I received a message from a woman at my church. She told me that she worked at a Baptist Association for another county and that God laid it on her heart to ask me if I would be interested in applying for the summer internship at the association. It was as if God was sending me a message that this is the job I was supposed to take this summer. The opportunity was too good to pass up, so I went in for an interview the following week.

I learned that day how I should have been trusting God the entire time. A job did not show up until I stopped looking. He kept other doors from being opened because they weren't the right doors for me. Being a summer intern for the Baptist Association has been a blessing and I know it's the path God wanted me on this summer. He knew I was going to need to be surrounded by people who love Him. I'm not sure if I would have been able to handle the difficult parts of this summer if I decided not to be a summer missionary.

When I took the job, there was no actual job description. All I knew is that I would be going to several different places and meeting new people along the way. The past two years, God knew how alone and isolated I had felt. With this job, I was able to meet new friends and little ones that have healed my heart.

I have been known not to handle things well when tragedy hits, and the dark clouds can hang around for a long time. I'm not saying things didn't hurt as bad as they would have if I wasn't a summer missionary, but I was able to handle things better because I was surrounded by God's followers. They may not have known how much they helped me get through certain days, yet I know God placed them in my path and I praise Him for that.

Whether it was cleaning out closets or kitchens, leading Bible study at the Baptist Sharing House, helping out at other churches' Vacation Bible Schools, working kids' camps, or simply doing office work, I loved it all. I felt productive and helpful, and it felt good because God led me to this internship. It was an experience I will cherish and never forget.

Ever since I was little, I heard stories about missionaries traveling to other countries. To be honest, the word "missionary" alone scared me. I thought you had to travel far, but as I grew up I found out that was not the case. People would tell stories of how God called them to do something, and I was worried if he called me that it would be for something that would scare me, or not be something I wanted to do.

In this case, the internship sounded like something right up my alley, and I knew God was knocking on my heart saying, "Go for it!" It wasn't something scary, and it was something I was interested in.

Life may not always be like that.

I have no idea what He has planned next. That's okay. Even if it isn't something I want to do or it scares me, I'll follow through because God showed me how good life can be when I lean on Him.

Since this was my last week at this job, I wanted to thank all the people I met this summer. You truly touched my life in ways you cannot imagine, and I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross.

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