Perchance to Dream
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Perchance to Dream

A poem inspired by Robert Frost, W.B. Yeats, and the film "The Poor Little Rich Girl" (1917)

Perchance to Dream

Outside my train window,

The storm above

Casts a murky gloom

In the forest below,

A verdant darkness

That grips my heart

Even now,

Beckoning me forward,

Leading me into the dark

With fingers of tree and fern.

"Here in the forest, dark and deep,

I offer you the peace you seek.

Come away, O wayward soul,

And follow me into the unknown."

The amniotic murk

Surrounds and lulls,

Dappled with the raindrops

On the window-glass.

Would I find peace

In the shadows there?

What dreams would come

If I found what I sought?

The streams of water

From the stormy sky

On the roof above

Reflect my weeping heart.

I feel the forest's embrace

In my very soul;

It whispers to me

As I fade into dreams:

"Take my hand

And don't be afraid;

The path always calls

Where it meets the sky,

Where the river bends out of sight

And fades into the misty veil.

The magic in the dark

Will always wait for you.

There'll be peace

In the next bend in the road;

We'll be waiting...”

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