My time working as a movie theater staff member has given me a unique perspective on people. I started out as a naive high school student looking to make some cash after school. I never thought I would continue with this company every time I came back home from school for summer vacation. It's not the most glamorous job but truth be told it's crazy difficult to find a company to hire you for only three months. Back to the point, working in this environment has given me a unique perspective of people. There's a few different types of people that come through a movie theater, as well as a few different types of people that work there.

"Thanks so much!"

This first type of customer is the nice one. They thank you for helping them and usually go along their way. They don't rant about prices that I personally have no control over or complain about the parking situation (which I also have no control over). If they do come across a problem, they bring it up to a staff member right away without expecting some crazy retribution for their inconvenience. It's so pleasing when these guests come by because they are far and few in between.

"You're not a manager, get me a manager!"

This guest wants refunds, free tickets for their next movie and your unborn child for their 10 minute wait for concession items. These people complain EVERY SINGLE CHANCE they get. Oh, and everything is 100% your fault as well, no matter what their concern is. Respect is a foreign language to these customers. Most employees can pick these folks out within the first 10 seconds of a transaction. Let me tell you this, how you treat me is how I am going to treat you back.

"We have a small problem."

These guests can raise havoc if they want to but they usually go for the nice approach before they bring out the customer mentioned above. They may bring a problem to a staff member's attention too late for something to be done but want to warn them for the next customer. Great! "Thanks Mr./Mrs., we'll get right on it." Sometimes they will ask for something because of their disturbance, but the nicer they are the more likely to receive something for their troubles. When things escalate however, go ahead and call for backup now because these folks can be mean.