People Who Help in Luxury Life Style

People Who Help in Luxury Life Style

A long leap on the moon and life at Mars is only possible for mankind


A long leap on the moon and life at Mars is only possible for mankind is due to the tremendous efforts of our ancestors. That set the rules with their great invention at formulas to evaluate the things on the universe. Modern flying machines, the first step of Neil Armstrong at the moon are the greatest example of modern science. In below few minutes read you will remember the names of top most influential personalities that played their pivotal role in modern science and technology.

The list of inventors who spent their entire life in struggling to give mankind better living standards and new horizon to explore the universe. Their ideas and inventions not only set examples for science but also have a significant impact on our daily life.

Charles Darwin (1809 – 1882)

The origin of species in 1859 by Darwin trembled the whole world at that era and is still echoed throughout the world. The theory of evolution was an astonishing facts study that teased many religious leaders and also poked the existence of human (social animal). However, his evolution theory was not accepted at that time but proved later by scientific relationships between animals and humans. The current evolutionary theory has itself advanced but its origins are evidently conversant with Darwin's brilliant theory.

The Wright Brothers Orville (1871 – 1948) and Wilbur (1867 – 1912)

The invention of these two scientists revolutionized the whole world and added wings to mankind to taste skies. Many partial inventions and discoveries very created by many people but the Wright brothers were the first who successfully won the title. They flew their airplane and open new doors setting the basics of the aviation industry. The present days' aviation industry is one of the most expensive business in the world. Their invention shortens the long distances to a limited amount of time. The invention of the manmade flying machine was a great leap for mankind in history. Without this present world would never the same.

Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)

Marie Curie the one and only first woman who was awarded the Nobel Prize for her contribution in both Physics and chemistry. She is famous for her theory of radioactivity. She also introduced the world with techniques to isolate radioactive isotopes. She is also decorated with a crown for discovering Polonium and Radium and also developed X-ray.

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

However, the electric power generation, sound recording and motion pictures are the credits of Thomas Edison. But the second name in the history comes Nikola Tesla. Tesla's revolutionary work led to the alternating current, electric power system which was crucial in engineering development. Tesla was a multi-talented personality with having many interests. He played a significant role in computer science, robotics, electromechanical engineering, worked in many fields of science and technology mainly radar, radio, and theoretical physics. You all probably are familiar with Tesla, an American company who developed automatic electric cars, named after Nikola Tesla state that If sir Nikola was alive, he would strongly recommend our idea of electric power generated motor cars.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

He was an Italian scientist contributed to the diverse discipline of engineering, painting, physics, mathematics, music, and art. His drawing of Vitruvian Man is clear evidence of his wisdom. You all are familiar with state-of-the-art Mona Lisa portrait is the symbol of the art glory. He is a great influence and inspiration for the artist all around the world. He was the first who given the modern concepts of engineering on paper such as a military tank, a helicopter, calculator, and solar power generation systems. Many of his invention ideas were implemented in his lifetime and many years after his departure.

Aristotle (384–322 BC)

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle is equally renowned as a scientist. Indeed, many consider his history's first genuine scientist. He was great geologist, famous in physics, medicine, psychology, and meteorology were among his many passions. However, his ideas where are now become old but science and technology would not be at this place without his early contributions.

Archimedes (287 – 212 BC)

His was the greatest inventor, scientist, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and engineer. He described the formula by which you can determine the volume of an irregular shape. This formula had tremendous influence from the centuries and till now.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

With his rumpled clothes and whacked out hairs Albert may be the most loveable scientist on the planet. His theory of relativity revolutionized the field of physics and his discovery of the photoelectric effect led to what we now know the quantum theory. Practically all of you know about Albert's famous equation


even if we can't even explain it. We just know that he changed the world we live in.

These were our great ancestors we should thank them for their contributions to make our life better. Each one of them played his vital role and without them, the world might not be the same as is today. Their invention ideas changed the perception of human brain power and opened the now galaxies to explore. Let us know what you like the most should be added in this list.

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