Often I see postings on Facebook about the HB2 law that don’t really make sense. Here is a picture that needs to be addressed.

Trust me, a transgender (female to male) doesn’t want to be in the bathroom with your daughter either. I’m sure they would prefer a bathroom where they would look like they belong, but due to this law, the transgender community can’t exactly do that.

HB2 states that “transgender people must use restrooms and locker rooms in schools and government buildings based on the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.” Which means, even if a female or male has gone through all the procedures in order to be completely transformed, they have to use the bathroom of the same sex as listed on their birth certificate. If you feel as though your children will not be safe using the bathroom then maybe you should go accompany them to the bathroom.

While we are talking about safety, why don’t we talk about the transgender community and their safety? Not only can transgender people not use the restroom they have been using for X amount of years or months, but now they also can’t use the restrooms they are being told to.

Think about it like this, a completely transformed transgender female to male now cannot use the men’s bathroom. Now they must use the women’s bathroom and hope to god that when they walk into the women’s bathroom looking like a man, that no one will yell, scream, or even beat them up. So now transgender people are scared to do something as simple as using the bathroom, and we don’t even think about their safety.

Spoiler alert, we have been using the bathroom with the transgender community for almost 100 years. It wasn’t until someone told you that you were using the same bathroom as the transgender community that you freaked out. I’m sure if no one told anyone else about global warming, no one would know, or even have an idea.

Want to know more?

This law doesn’t only go against just the transgender community, but the LGBT community as a whole. HB2 also states, “that it takes away the right to sue in state court for employment discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and other categories that are protected by state law.” This basically means, if you are a gay male working at a restaurant, the manager can fire you with absolutely no reason.

Just the other day, I had an interview with a restaurant to be a dishwasher. I arrived early and had a wonderful interview but I could tell that the manager was not at all a fan of my hair (side shaved), as well as the fact that I was wearing a button up. I was there for almost two hours and at the end he said he would call me about setting up another interview later that week. I’m sorry, but when did being a dishwasher require so many interviews? Did I ever get that phone call? No. Just like that, the HB2 law was seen in action. If I had worn my hair down he would have never known I had the side of my head shaved.

So next time you hear someone call HB2 'the bathroom law," you should probably tell them to do some more research. This law is allowing discrimination in all of North Carolina; is this really a place you want to raise your children? Based on what we either believe, look like, and whatever our sexual preference may be, we can now be discriminated for and that would be perfectly legal in North Carolina.

If you're still craving more information about HB2, you can find supplemental facts here.