10 Reasons to Write When You're Stressed

10 Reasons to Write When You're Stressed

Writers have trouble writing at the best of times. Here's why you should write at the worst.

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Most creative writers find writing difficult at the best of times. Here's why you should write at the worst.

*the writing referenced in this article is mainly creative writing, but can be applied to writing in general.

1. Writing is proven to be therapeutic.

There are multiple studies which show journaling or writing creatively has shown to alleviate stress and negative emotions. People who write have a better overall outlook on life.

2. Some of the best ideas arise during upcoming deadlines.

Whether the deadlines are for whatever you're writing or if you're stressed about other things, there is something about stress and emotions that generate some of the best ideas. Having a quickly looming deadline brings out the best writing.

3. Or procrastinating on other assignments.

I know they can be dull. You know the dry reading or long, laborious essay. What better way to procrastinate then to write part of a short story, poem, or novel? Again, giving all your attention to a writing piece, while another deadline looms often gives inspiration to some great work.

4. You do not have to write about whatever is bothering you.

Writing is a great way to escape reality You can write about something entirely different. You like fantasy? Romance? Scary stories? Absurdist flash fiction? Bingo. Just because you're writing doesn't mean you have to address the real life problems you have.

5. Or you can, if you want.

If you want to address the issue at hand by way of a journal entry, creative nonfiction piece, poem, or realistic short story, go for it!

6. You can go on some great (or crazy) adventures.

You can use writing as an escape or entrance into an entirely different world. Most writers when they start a project don't know what's going to happen. The characters often take the writer on an adventure, and if the writer allows this the adventure can be something else.

7. You can hurt (or kill off) a character without consequences.

If the emotions you experience are frustration, anger or pain you may desire a cathartic physical release that is violent. In the real world you would be jailed. In a book you can hurt, main, or kill a character without judgement…. unless you and your books or stories have a large following then you'll face some backlash (I'm looking at you George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling).

8. Some of the craziest plot ideas are fueled by crazy emotions.

You never know what will happen in story. Being hurt, frustrated or enraged can be just the thing that block needs to crumble to create a great unexpected idea.

9. No one will judge what happens in your story.

Going back to number seven, anything can happen without consequence because—in most cases— it’s fiction. Unless people have certain expectations, you will be fine.

10. You have complete control over what you write.

...for the most part. You can literally write about whatever you want. Sometimes there's parameters for a class , and other times the characters or the plot succeed at a hostile takeover. Those are the most fun and when the writing's the best, but otherwise you write the story, and are in control. You choose where the story starts and ends.

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