Recently, I saw a post on social media that really struck my interest. It was talking about the language of love and how crazy it is once you finally start deciphering it. The crazy thing is that everyone's is different.

I think this post really hit me because I've always been a sensitive person. And when you're a sensitive person (who overthinks a lot) it's easy to draw up conclusions.

"Oh so and so must not like me too much because..."

But we all need to keep in mind that people show their affection in different ways! Just because someone didn't say or do something the way I would have, doesn't mean they didn't care about me.

Some may hug their friends to let them know they are happy to see them or are there for them, while others may despise physical contact.

Some may verbally express how they feel, while others may feel too shy to outwardly say what's on their mind.

Some may articulate their feelings by writing love letters, while others may feel strange pouring their hearts out to a piece of paper.

But some may make comments, big or small, that let you know they care. They may tell you to drive safe or buckle your seat belt; they may wish you good luck on that exam you're nervous for; they may actively make plans to see you. Everyone has a different way of expressing his or her feelings.

Yes, it does get easier once you've known someone for a while, but in the meantime, try not to sweat the small stuff too much.

Learn to recognize your loved ones and friends' signs of affection, rather than only paying attention to the things you would do or say if you were them.