I have spent a lot of my time waiting for concerts, otherwise known as queuing. I have heard a colorful arrangement of questions in my time waiting for concerts. Queuing is a culture. Those wrapped up in it know the ins and the outs of what it truly means to wait in a line all day. The longest I have ever waited for a concert was about 24 hours. I know people who have waited 3+ days in a line. People who queue aren't crazed fangirls who obsess over a band, some could be, but the majority aren't.

Queuing is where I have met my closest friends, and they are the reason why I travel. It is more than waiting in a line, it is the experience that comes with it. Below is a list of things people like me are tired of hearing.

1. "Are you waiting for tickets?

No, we are not waiting for tickets. The odds are most of us already have our tickets. Sure, someone might be selling one in the line, but we have connections to where we know someone who is looking for one. Most people won't commit to waiting in line all day if there isn't a guarantee of getting in later that night.

2. "Are you homeless?"

It wouldn't be the first time someone asked me this. Some people, actually most people, look rough when they are waiting all day. Our hair isn't always brushed, and we normally don't change our clothes till right before the concert. We may look tired and groggy, but come back a couple hours before doors, and you won't see the same people. The people in the back of the line didn't recognize us when we came back from our glam up. This is especially worsened when the weather is beyond hot or too cold to function.

3. "Who is playing?"

This question is fair. People are really curious as to why we would wait all day for an artist. However, 99% of the time the person asking has never heard of the band. Says they will look them up, and then they never do. This question gets old after the 10th or so person asks it, so forgive us if we become a bit short with you.

4. "Why would you do this?"

Because we want to? That's the whole reason why. Maybe we don't want to, we do want a good spot for the show. The whole reason why we are waiting is to get a spot for a general admission concert. Everyone gets in at once. It can be super calm or a bloodbath. Why I'm waiting is because I want a good spot.

5. "Are they good? What kind of music are they?"

This usually comes after asking who it is, and the person not knowing the band. By asking this, they think they are getting somewhere. Obviously, they are half decent if I am waiting all day for them. My time is valuable, and if I am waiting and spending my time sitting on the concrete: they are good.

6. "When do doors open?"

A lot of the time we don't want to be reminded of when doors open. It's more of our end destination, and we are there for the ride. The countdown to doors is in the back of our heads, but we're more focused on getting there without discussing the countless amount of hours left to go.

7. "What does your family think of this?"

Well, most don't know or care. If they did, they probably don't care enough to want to know specifics. As long they know I'm safe, me waiting in a line all day is the least of their concerns.

Overall, I may never be out of this stage of waiting for concerts. They have brought me all my friends and some of the best memories and experiences of my life. Just make it a little better by refraining from asking these questions.