Finals Week In The Form of Memes

Finals week is coming and soon all of us are going to be heading back home or staying for the summer. I have been in the library for 6 hours every night and I swear I have never seen more big t-shirts and sweatpants in my life. If you have ever stepped on a college campus during finals week, you will see the following people:

1. The Know-It-All


This person always seems to have their entire life together while also looking put together, which is a hard thing to do when your whole life seems to be falling apart.

2. The Screw-Up


This person walks into the library wearing baggy sweats, raggedy shirt and hasn't showered in five days. You know this person doesn't want to be messed with, but you also know you feel like you have to apologize for getting in their way.

3. The Accepting One


This person is so done with the semester that they basically have moved on from this world and onto something a little less painful

4. The Walking Dead


This person is equally as checked out for the semester but they have the lifeless look on their face that reminds me why college is literally a bust some days.

5. The Carefree One


You know those people that seem to have it all together and can scrap a project together in one day?

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