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5 irritating kinds of people you'll find in the movie theater

Texting during the movie is a NO.

5 irritating kinds of people you'll find in the movie theater

And if we are going to be totally honest, if you've never experience one of these people... you're probably one of them. Continue down this page to enter the harsh reality of the movie theater stereotypes.

1. The Texter

I know for a fact that we have all experienced this one. Yeah, we all check our phone once in a while because nobody actually turns their phone off. But for somebody to be actually full on texting having conversation throughout a movie, i have to wonder why you even spend your money to come and watch it. Especially sitting in the back of the theatre and trying to watch that movie and that one person that was fortunate enough to get that perfect middle seat in the theatre is wasting that seat because they're texting the whole time. In the end its just flat out distracting I mean at least turn down the brightness.

2. The One Who Cannot Get Their Candy Open WHATSOEVER

Even Michael does it

You know what i mean, were in that deep meaningful scene where the John is about to confess his love to Jane and then all of a sudden a sequence of the loudest possible crackling noise hits your eardrums. This is actually a pretty memorable one for me, my mom was a diehard twilight fan, and she had brought me to see the newest one and i swear this boy three seats down was having the struggle of his life trying to open his little bag of skittles. (literally to the point my mom was about to offer him help). I mean candy is just one thing but we can't end this part without discussing the people who slurp their drink once its already empty too right?? eek.

3. The Talkative one/ screamer

I'll admit i am guilty of this to an extent too. But nowhere NEAR the extent i have experienced with others. I mean some people i feel are having full on convos with the characters in the movie! "YEAH YOU GET THAT GIRL YOU TELL HIM HOW IT IS!" Yes these are actual events that have happened!!! Then theres the people where one person is confused so we spend the whole film listening to an off-brand TedTalk given by a the person in 3A because their friend is deeply lost. Then horror movies are an entirely different story because we all know about the screamer. I mean we all kind of sign up for that exposure when we enter a horror film because i mean that is why were all there right? To scream our heads off. (And in some cases throw the popcorn to the ceiling).

4. The Ones That Walk in 15 Minutes Into The Movie

late arriver

Have you ever been so intrigued into a movie and then out of nowhere a couple walks into the theatre and is forced to squeeze past you in your comfortable position you've put yourself in, then next thing you know you've missed the climax of the movie and you may as well go home? Yes we all have witnessed this. I figured it is the result of some 14 year olds trying to sneak into that rated R movie but failed so settled for a less thrilling PG-13. And were all aware of the 15-20 minute preview time that begins after the scheduled movie time, however i think we're all capable of timing that. Because walking into a movie 15 minutes in means you gave the previews a 30 minute estimate. Its all acceptable to walk around the mall and go to a later viewing isn't it?

5. The Ones That Bring Their Screaming Child

kid in movies

Yes children are the most beautiful gift of life aren't they? We all love a good time at the park or even a nice kid friendly rollercoaster with the children of our generation, however there are some cases in which children do not belong. Now I'm not saying not to take your kid to see the new Incredibles or Toy Story but i mean is it really necessary to bring your 2 year old to see an action thriller starring The Rock? Or a steamy drama with a sex scandal? Enjoy date night, hire that babysitter, its only a couple hours.

Well there you all have it! If you couldn't relate to at least one of the things on this list sorry you've never experienced going to the movies for real. So just remember next time you go to the movies, don't do something that might land you in somebody's article on the internet.

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