I was thinking about this a while ago. It's really been a thing that' has implanted itself in the back of my mind. Do people change? That's the question that doesn't stop revolving around my mind. It doesn't always pop up, but people are quirky in their own way.

While change itself seems to constantly happen, it's a matter of how we, as people, adapt to it. We adapt to change; change doesn't seem to happen to us. I mean, at least the way I see it, we have all adapted towards whatever is happening in our lives at the time being. Not necessarily right away, but over that time period of events, we shift whether it be our beliefs, views, perspectives or even our opinions of something or someone. It really does depend on the person though. Some people adapt to change better than others.

When it comes to a person changing, that depends on the person, but it also has to do with the attitude that the person has. More than that, some people just don't change. You meet people in life who are just a**holes. Later in life, you may meet them again and even if they seem different, odds are, they aren't; they're still as immature as they were when you met them. A person can change to a degree.

As I grow older and more mature, I've seen the evolution in myself. This doesn't mean that I'm completely different from who I once was. Rather, I've grown from who I was and became a better version of the same person I've always been.

In myself as well as others, change doesn't really exist. I don't think anyone ever fully changes - I mean, the whole 360-new-person-type of change. But from what I've seen of others around me and those I've met, people seem to evolve. Like I mentioned, I think that people, throughout their lives, become a different version of themselves, but still remain who they are at their core.

No matter how far you feel like you stray from who you are, you're always going to be you - the wonderful version of yourself that you've been and has grown and matured throughout the years to become the version of yourself that you're most proud of.