Sadly it's still Winter, and probably won't have nice weather for a few more weeks. . Here are 5 things people who are always cold can relate to and know all too well.

1. Bringing a sweater with you everywhere.

Sweaters are brought everywhere with us. To class, to work, to the mall, basically anywhere because you know you’re going to use it. Those few times when we forgot to bring or decided to not bring a sweater, we usually ended up regretting that.

2. The usual "Eat a cheeseburger" when you tell someone that you're cold.

For some reason people like to correlate being cold to eating cheeseburgers, or being skinny. You see, I eat a lot of cheeseburgers and I'm still cold so I don't think that is why people are cold.

3. Hating your coworkers, especially in the summer.

They blast the ac when they're hot! With no regards for us, cold blooded people.

4. "You're not hot?"

Whenever someone sees you wearing your jacket, or while they're sweating profusely they love to ask that lovely question. Well if I was hot, I wouldn't be wearing my fleece lined sweater now would I? Customers love asking me this when they see me wearing my jacket at work!

5. Winter is your least favorite season.

The thought of winter makes me cringe. There is nothing worse than going outside, and your entire body goes numb. You dread going outside for that reason! Also, when it's cold outside I need to let everyone know that I'm miserable.