5 Best Ways To Pay For Your Villanova Education

College is an unaffordable bottomless pit of rejection and insecurity that necessitates a few creative side hustles in order to thrive. Fortunately for Villanova students, the institution lends itself to some pretty crafty ways for students to eat and pay the bills. In no particular order, here is a short list of my favorite ways to ignite change to my bank account.

Physics Club

This is definitely my favorite item in the list. I cannot afford a meal plan, which fortunately means that I concern myself with the endless offers of free Campus Corner pizza that any self-respecting club meeting holds. Like any other free loading nomadic meetinggoer, I follow the unspoken etiquette of only attending club meetings with free pizza once and never again. The Hidden Gem of the third floor known as Physics Club, or as I affectionately call it Pizza Club, offers attending students free Zestos pizza and refreshments on a weekly basis, all while a physics faculty member lectures on a physics topic. Regular attendance provides a constant source of superiority over those too intellectually weak to attend the meetings.


Okay, so this one isn't really Villanova specific but a couple Christmas' ago one of my cousin's bought me a pair of Yeezys, and I resold them so that I could buy a couple more pair of Yeezys, etc. you understand the gist of it and now I buy and sell like… eight pairs and counting of Yeezys on the regular, all thanks to mailservices@villanova.edu. If it weren't for my fantastic private catholic school education, I would have to purchase a PO Box in my name for my buy/resell business.

Brewing Kombucha

Improving subsistence is a major aspect of Catholic Social Teaching. So, this past semester while I lived on South Campus, I was able to use some of the bacteria in the mold to home-brew Kombucha. I can only speak for me and my customers, but the complex flavor profile of Kombucha is probably the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. It's that good.


A hard-to-swallow truth that everyone in college can agree on is that the entire experience is a sort of fun-vacuum. So, after one particularly fruitful business casual Deloitte meet and greet, my friends and I modified all of our complementary Deloitte fidget spinners into really effective Beyblades. It became somewhat of a Tuesday afternoon tradition that we cockfight our Beyblades in the parking lot behind Good Counsel. After a while we realized that there were some that no one recognized, so we started selling tickets for students to view our exhibitions. Since the brutal winter has brought our blading sessions to a halt, we are currently building up a ladder system for people to compete with their self-engineered fidget spinner Beyblades. This has been by far my most lucrative venture.


This is actually my favorite item on the list. If there is one inkling of truth that I have understood from being a VSB student, it is that crypto-currency was, is, and will be the future of finance. So, using a custom $2,000 rig that I bought on eBay, I've begun mining Akoin, the only crypto-currency by the greatest musician of all time.

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