Patience Is A Virtue

I'd admire people that have a lot of patience because it will definitely get you far in life. Children need patience, customers at your job need patience, and puzzles need patience.

That's right; I said it. Puzzles need so much patience.

Whether it's a 50-piece one or a 1,000-piece, you need some patience to get through it; it's so satisfying when you actually do finish it.

Even if you are a puzzle-wizard, puzzles are frustrating. Once you're into it and you're actually putting the pieces together, you get stuck. One of the pieces that you thought would match up with the rest of them suddenly doesn't.

And now you're frustrated and you no longer have the energy to continue the puzzle at the rate that you were doing it. So you put it away for a while.

You push it to the dark corner in your room and you try to forget about it.

A few days later, you realize that you probably overreacted and that you should probably try again. Because puzzles quite literally don't put themselves together.

You're on a roll this time. All of the corner pieces are right where they need to be, and the edge is almost completely done! You're making so much progress; you can pretty much see the entire outline of the picture so you're feeling pretty proud of yourself.

And then BAM. You get another piece like the first time. You thought it would fit, and even though it's pretty close to impossible, it's not fitting ANYWHERE on the entire puzzle. So you give it up again!

You're done. The patience that you thought it had has once again disappeared and now you're back to square one with an unfinished puzzle and the sudden urge to binge watch New Girl.

Then again, I'd take watching Nick over fighting over a puzzle any day.

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