You know how they say "patience is a virtue." Well, I'm still work on that.

Being patient has always been a challenge, but I feel like with age it's gotten a lot harder. Okay, you may be like, what? You would think the opposite. That as you get older, learning to administer patience gets easier. But, I would have to disagree. As a child you are impatient, but to a different extent than that of an adult.

A child is impatient while waiting in line to visit Santa Claus, or waiting in line for their turn on the swings. A child's impatience is defined by their wants. They WANT to be at the front of the line. Or they WANT to be the star student of their class. The impatience they experience is defined by their wants and so, their impatience is short lived. You see, as a child you constantly change your mind. One minute you want chocolate ice cream and the next vanilla. A child's mind is constantly indifferent and changing, so the impatience is short lived. And because the impatience is short lived, it doesn't eat away at them or consume their every thought. But, as the child grows up and let's say, turns 21 and is a junior in college, she won't be changing her mind.

And so, that's why I think being patient becomes more difficult as you grow older. Because, as we get older we get more set in are ways and to be honest, we are stubborn. We forget that being patient is a virtue and should be practiced daily. I have fallen victim to this. I am so impatient. Maybe not when it comes to small situations like, waiting in line, but rather when it comes to the future. I'm so impatient when it comes to life. I enter one phase and want to jump right to the next. I never take the time to stop and smell the roses. And you know what I've realized. I've realized that my impatience is actually rooted in that of a child's impatience. My impatience lies within MY WANTS and MY DESIRES. I want to jump ahead, I don't want to wait for the future to come. But, this impatience is sort of crippling. The impatient person I have become is weighing on me, and It's time to give it up.

So, I lay my wants and desires in HIS hands. I'm giving them up to God. Because, I'm tired of letting impatience define my present. I'm tired of trying to fast-forward when God's hit the pause button. I may still be a broken, and impatient girl. But, I'm working on it. I promise. And I have found the one who will give me patience when I try to jump ahead. He wants me to stop and admire the present. He has me at this place in life for a reason. So, I'll be patient and let His movie play.