A Path of My Own

I've lived a life believing I needed to find someone.

I believed dreams were meant to be shared, along with your soul.

"Soulmates exist. They're out there for us." Are they?

Can I be my own soulmate?

Can I have dreams that are only my own?

Can I be alone?


I don't have to apply my life to rules and beliefs of someone else's.

My life's style is its own.

It doesn't need a model to follow or a checklist to mark.

It paves its own path and I gladly follow.

I trust it because it is new, never been chased.

I'll see new things.

I'll experience something meant for me.

There is a possibility of crossing paths with a body whose mind matches my own.

It is also true that we won't travel together forever.

The weather can get cloudy.

The storm can trap me in place, but

I know it won't last forever.

I will continue my journey.

I will conquer my quest to happiness.