Poem on revamping who you are

Passionate Breath

A poem dedicated to the time away we all need every now and again to become more passionate about what we love. It's ok to take a breather to revitalize yourself!


I wrote this from a perspective that even as we're stuck in a love affair with our passions, it's ok to take a break from them. It doesn't mean you no longer love that particular thing anymore, it just means that you have to clear your mind to approach it again with all that you have.

Energy is a rising and falling action, so please go easy on yourself during these times of being dormant. Your soul is essential to being who you truly are. May this inspire something to someone out there struggling with this. Good vibes to you always!

She kept at it until it consumed her

Energy all zapped out

It felt overpowering like a wildfire

One she could never confound

Passion as it seeps into her soul

Could also be the thing to keep her from going with the flow

'Does that mean I don't love it anymore?'

'Does it mean it's over?'

'Why are these feelings suddenly taking over?'

She grew evermore frustrated

And even felt out of place

But it wasn't that she wasn't passionate anymore

She just needed some space

It was time to breathe away the worries

Of not being great

Of not being good enough

Of never feeling like she made a difference

All consuming it was

And she loved it still

But it was time for her to be real

To herself, 'I just need a small break,

To breathe and appreciate the progress that I've made.'

In her heart, she knew this was best

She needed air to reassure herself that this was merely a test

Of paying attention when she was distressed

In the time away, she came to understand even the smallest things

How she changed and how positively that helped

On the mistakes she exasperated over

She could see it, clear as day

A passionate breath was needed

It was essential

To make her soul feel alive again

And the passion set in

It never left

It never will

But if she had to be real

A passionate breath was just as important indeed

To live out her passions, completely and truly

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