19 Date Party Dresses From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

19 Date Party Dresses From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

A woman can never have enough dresses.


Dresses are (usually) a girl's best friend. It gives us the chance to get dolled up, without needing an excuse to get dolled up. Dresses you can wear for almost any occasion. Whether it's brunch, on a date, to a party, it doesn't even matter what time of year it is. If a woman can find a dress that will match the event needed for, she will. Amazon has the BEST selection of dresses I've ever seen. These are 19 dresses, that you'll totally need for your next outing.

1. The perfect long sleeve dress - with pockets!

This dress is perfect for any fall/winter events. Date or party out on the town, this is the ultimate dress to have. Plus it has pockets!!

Find on Amazon for $16.88

2. The, absolutely needed, little black dress

Everyone needs AT LEAST one little black dress in their closet. It's girl code!

Find on Amazon for $8.99

3. The sleeveless/or sleeves dress

Another great dress for any occasion, and another with pockets! (Because let's be real if a dress has pockets, it's a keeper).

Find on Amazon at $7.99

4. The off-the-shoulder dress

This beauty is perfect for that date you've been waiting for, going out dancing, or even your work's Christmas party. An over the shoulder dress is both sexy and sophisticated.

Find on Amazon for $24.99

5. The plunge v-neck

This v-neck dress is perfect for that party on campus or for going to the club with the girls.

Find on Amazon for $27.99

6. The floral spaghetti strap

This floral spaghetti strap is to die for. I've had this dress in my cart forever and still can't wait to buy it. It's perfect for the beach, brunch, a date, practically any occasion!

FInd on Amazon for $9.99

7. The classy cocktail dress

This classy bod-con dress is the perfect dress for that staff party you have to attend. It's mature and sophisticated, while still looking fashionable.

FInd on Amazon for $13.97

8. The skater dress

Every girl should own at least one skater dress. It's perfect for a first date, or going out on the town. It can be used for casual or for an event.

Find on Amazon for $27.99

9. The casual long sleeve t-shirt dress

This t-shirt dress is the best casual wear you can find. It's perfect for any regular day activities. Especially if you're looking for a cute dress for those fall pictures you want to take while apple or pumpkin picking.

Find on Amazon for $16.99

10. The body-con t-shirt dress

This body-con t-shirt dress is another perfect for any casual event. But this one can also be used for going on a date with that cute boy from Tinder.

FInd on Amazon for $16.99

11. The long floral

This long floral v-neck is the cutest, sophisticated dress there is. Matching great with a pair of wedges or flats, this dress is perfect for date night, brunch or going out on the town.

Find on Amazon for $17.99

12. The elegant deep-v

This elegant deep-v dress is the perfect fit for that club you've been wanting to go to. It's a show stopper.

Find on Amazon for $18.99

13. A cocktail cami dress

The cocktail cami dress is another casual/date night/party dress. It's perfect for any occasion and can be paired with any accessories.

Find on Amazon for $16.99

14. The round neck mini dress

This round neck printed mini dress is one you'll want to add to your cart right away. The patterns are super cute and it's less than $20!

Find on Amazon for $12.99

15. The long sleeve floral skater dress

We've had floral dresses and we've had skater dresses, but this long sleeve floral skater dress takes the cake.

16. The plus size, queen dress

This plus size floral dress is not a want but a need. This dress accents every beautiful curve and you'll have everyone turning heads as you walk by!

Find on Amazon for $12.99

17. The plus size, ruched black dress

Another beautiful black dress! There isn't anywhere you can't wear this dress!

Find on Amazon for $78.40

18. The strappy cold shoulder

This cold shoulder dress is another perfect for the fall/winter season. The long sleeves will keep you warm, while the open shoulders still show just the right amount of skin.

Find on Amazon $9.99

19. The slit long floral

The slit, long, floral dress is ultimate for your closet. Perfect for any occasion where you just want to look extra cute.

Find on Amazon for $19.99

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Your Relationship With Your Sorority Is Like Any Relationship, You Have To Work At It

Just like with your best friend or your mom, the relationship with your sorority and sisters will have highs and lows, but that isn't always a bad thing.


Bid day often feels like Christmas Day, only in the days beforehand, instead of staying up late wondering what Santa brought them, PNMs scurry from sorority house to sorority house trying to impress everyone with their accomplishments and best smiles.

Long, vocal chord straining days or even weeks of anticipation, anxiety and longing finally come to an end. You run home to a sorority and a new sisterhood. You're overwhelmed by the gifts, cheers and love.

You're so busy celebrating that there's no time to think until you're alone trying to scrub out all of the sparkles from your hair.

Then the thoughts start creeping in.

Am I happy I got a bid from this sorority? Would I feel better in another one? Are my new sisters really my type of people?

You start doubting everything Greek related and the next few days don't always help. One would like to think that from the second you join a sorority you become smothered by love and attention, but instead, sometimes it feels like nothing has changed since you became a sorority girl. Where did the magic go?

But then you find it. You find friends and get a big, and go to your first function. Soon you get wrapped up in wonderland.

Is that normal? It didn't feel so to me, but then I realized many of my sisters and other Greek women have felt the same way.

Being in a sorority isn't always glitter and T-shirts. Just like you don't always love your major or best friend, sometimes you'll distance yourself from your sisterhood.

Does that mean you're a bad sister, or that you should drop? Not necessarily. As in the saying "you have to be a friend to have a friend," you have to meet your sisters half way. Being active in your sorority will remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place.

You joined for a reason, you just have to remind yourself what that reason is. Go to events, serve with your philanthropy or just get coffee with a sister and see if that helps. Try something you've never done before. There may be a new best friend or favorite past time waiting to be found.

Don't forget your executive council is also there for a reason. They obviously love the sisterhood and want to help you. Talk about your concerns and see what can be done. Like I said above, many people also struggle with this.

At the end of the day, Greek Life isn't everything. Fulfill yourself in outside activities and friendships. Your happiness is more important than a title.

Don't beat yourself up if your relationship with your society feels like a rollercoaster. You're not alone, and there are some easy fixes you can make that will help get things back to normal.

You are surrounded by like-minded women who also share a passion and ambition you identify with. While you may not always be totally in love within, your sorority is there for you.

If you give to your sorority, it will give back to you.

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