19 Date Party Dresses From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

19 Date Party Dresses From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

A woman can never have enough dresses.


Dresses are (usually) a girl's best friend. It gives us the chance to get dolled up, without needing an excuse to get dolled up. Dresses you can wear for almost any occasion. Whether it's brunch, on a date, to a party, it doesn't even matter what time of year it is. If a woman can find a dress that will match the event needed for, she will. Amazon has the BEST selection of dresses I've ever seen. These are 19 dresses, that you'll totally need for your next outing.

1. The perfect long sleeve dress - with pockets!

This dress is perfect for any fall/winter events. Date or party out on the town, this is the ultimate dress to have. Plus it has pockets!!

Find on Amazon for $16.88

2. The, absolutely needed, little black dress

Everyone needs AT LEAST one little black dress in their closet. It's girl code!

Find on Amazon for $8.99

3. The sleeveless/or sleeves dress

Another great dress for any occasion, and another with pockets! (Because let's be real if a dress has pockets, it's a keeper).

Find on Amazon at $7.99

4. The off-the-shoulder dress

This beauty is perfect for that date you've been waiting for, going out dancing, or even your work's Christmas party. An over the shoulder dress is both sexy and sophisticated.

Find on Amazon for $24.99

5. The plunge v-neck

This v-neck dress is perfect for that party on campus or for going to the club with the girls.

Find on Amazon for $27.99

6. The floral spaghetti strap

This floral spaghetti strap is to die for. I've had this dress in my cart forever and still can't wait to buy it. It's perfect for the beach, brunch, a date, practically any occasion!

FInd on Amazon for $9.99

7. The classy cocktail dress

This classy bod-con dress is the perfect dress for that staff party you have to attend. It's mature and sophisticated, while still looking fashionable.

FInd on Amazon for $13.97

8. The skater dress

Every girl should own at least one skater dress. It's perfect for a first date, or going out on the town. It can be used for casual or for an event.

Find on Amazon for $27.99

9. The casual long sleeve t-shirt dress

This t-shirt dress is the best casual wear you can find. It's perfect for any regular day activities. Especially if you're looking for a cute dress for those fall pictures you want to take while apple or pumpkin picking.

Find on Amazon for $16.99

10. The body-con t-shirt dress

This body-con t-shirt dress is another perfect for any casual event. But this one can also be used for going on a date with that cute boy from Tinder.

FInd on Amazon for $16.99

11. The long floral

This long floral v-neck is the cutest, sophisticated dress there is. Matching great with a pair of wedges or flats, this dress is perfect for date night, brunch or going out on the town.

Find on Amazon for $17.99

12. The elegant deep-v

This elegant deep-v dress is the perfect fit for that club you've been wanting to go to. It's a show stopper.

Find on Amazon for $18.99

13. A cocktail cami dress

The cocktail cami dress is another casual/date night/party dress. It's perfect for any occasion and can be paired with any accessories.

Find on Amazon for $16.99

14. The round neck mini dress

This round neck printed mini dress is one you'll want to add to your cart right away. The patterns are super cute and it's less than $20!

Find on Amazon for $12.99

15. The long sleeve floral skater dress

We've had floral dresses and we've had skater dresses, but this long sleeve floral skater dress takes the cake.

16. The plus size, queen dress

This plus size floral dress is not a want but a need. This dress accents every beautiful curve and you'll have everyone turning heads as you walk by!

Find on Amazon for $12.99

17. The plus size, ruched black dress

Another beautiful black dress! There isn't anywhere you can't wear this dress!

Find on Amazon for $78.40

18. The strappy cold shoulder

This cold shoulder dress is another perfect for the fall/winter season. The long sleeves will keep you warm, while the open shoulders still show just the right amount of skin.

Find on Amazon $9.99

19. The slit long floral

The slit, long, floral dress is ultimate for your closet. Perfect for any occasion where you just want to look extra cute.

Find on Amazon for $19.99

Please note that prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication. As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority

Sorority girls seem to be getting more and more backlash, but why?

To The Girl Who Mocked My Sorority,

I buy my friends? Wow. First time I’ve ever gotten that, good one.

Do you feel better now? Was it all you hoped for?

I doubt it.

I’m not the “typical” sorority girl but I’ve also come to the realization that there isn’t a “typical” sorority girl. We are all different and believe it or not we are all just like you. The letters I wear on my chest don’t make me stupid. They don’t make me a bitch. They don’t make me spoiled. They don’t make me an alcoholic. They don’t make me fake. They don’t make me a slut. And they sure as heck don’t make me any better than you.

What my letters made me is better than I was before.

Some sorority stereotypes are inevitable. Yes, I love my Big. Yes, my Littles are my life. I’m guilty of being a master with a glue gun, and I’ll admit that new letter shirts make me giddy as a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.

But here’s what you don’t know — before I joined my sorority I couldn’t speak to a group of five people without turning red. Now I help run meetings in front of 45 women. Before, I would never have had the courage to go up to a group of girls and sit with them for lunch. Now I’m actually invited (crazy, I know). Before, I struggled with my grades. Now I have sisters in my major offering help. Before, my resume was empty. Now, it's full of leadership positions and community service hours. Before, I didn’t quite feel accepted. Now, I’m welcomed lovingly into an extremely diverse group. What’s so bad about all of that?

I get it. Sororities aren’t for everyone. I’ll even go as far to say that some of us sorority girls can be a little much. But what’s the point of dissing something that you don’t understand? Next time you’re about to make a cruel stereotypical joke, think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. Instead of making fun of sorority girls, sit down with one and find out why it’s so important to her.


A Proud Sorority Girl

Cover Image Credit: Megan Jones

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Truth Is, You Don't Get What You Pay For In A Sorority

You can't buy friendship even if you wanted to.


Here in Blacksburg, we are getting ready for primary recruitment for all the National Panhellenic Sororities. It is no secret that our nation has seen a decline in the participation of recruitment for Greek Life. More recently than ever, media has been covering some of the not so good aspects of Greek Life. In turn, this has negatively impacted the amazing things these organizations do accomplish and throw on brutal stereotypes that are never true in all cases, although some choose to take them that way.

So why should you fork over hundreds of dollars every semester to be in a sorority?

Well, I can promise you one thing, the money means nothing once you are in a chapter that is home. People love to say that you pay for your friends in greek life, but what you are actually paying for is the house in which you get to meet friends, the philanthropic events you plan so that you can help get the community involved with your organization and the other social events that you get to share with people from outside of your organization.

A sorority gives you people that will stand behind you through the good and the bad of college, not because they have to but because they genuinely want to. What brings that support together is the understanding that every girl in your sorority has agreed to stand behind the same core values and to grow together for the betterment of women in society.

There is no price anyone could put on the endless opportunities you receive through greek life grow in leadership skills. People might bash the endless positions and committees sororities have, but when you get the chance to make a difference, to lead people, and to accomplish things right alongside people who care for you, that is priceless.

If you think sororities are about buying friends, I have news for you. No quality friendship can be bought with anything other than trust and respect and love.

If you think sororities are about paying for more social events, I have even more news for you. Virginia Tech is one huge social school from countless on-campus events to a jam-packed downtown all the time.

Everything else you get out of joining a sorority is priceless.

The money girls pay each semester to me members of a sorority is simply about keeping the lights on and providing spaces for its members to grow and find joy in spending time with each other. You don't keep those things. Developing lifelong friendships is just the side effect of being present in such spectacular organizations, and that isn't what you are paying for, but that is what you are holding onto for the rest of your life.

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