6 Reasons Why 'Gilmore Girls' PERFECTLY Captures The Holiday Season

Winter is a magical time of the year. The snow can make everything look beautiful. There are lights everywhere, and it is cold enough to wear layers. Everything is warm and cozy, and there is time to see friends and family. Not to mention, you have time to cozy up under blankets and watch a good show. No show captures the essence of winter and the holidays more than "Gilmore Girls". Not only do all the characters love winter, but the town looks picture perfect.

1. Lorelai's love for snow is all of us during winter.

We are all willing to take brace the cold to take pretty photos of the snow. I think Lorelai would approve.

2. The town is 100% Instagram worthy when it snows.

It looks like a snow globe, and I want to buy one ASAP.

3. Lorelai and Rory's winter fashion is always perfect.

Peacoats, scarfs, hats, and sweaters. The Gilmore Girls have the perfect winter wardrobe.

4. The snowman building contest makes you want to go outside and build your own snowman or snow lady.

Jess was willing to cheat to let them win. That's when you know it's important.

5. Rory knows what the unofficial, but the official flavor of the season is.

Starbucks, Dunkin', and basically every store knows the unofficial, official flavor of winter is peppermint. Just as pumpkin is the flavor of fall.

6. Lorelai is all of us as we go up to our local barista and ask for another eggnog latte.

It's highly addictive, although I know many do not approve of eggnog. But, what is wrong with you?

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