8 Reasons The MadSo Challenges Define The Life Of An FSU Student

Madison Social and other For The Table restaurants are always putting on fun events for the people of Tallahassee to enjoy. These events include, but are not limited, to monthly challenges, bar crawls, and trivia nights. However, the primary targets of these events are those over the age of 21 so for three years, I constantly saw friends and classmates wearing shirts with the Madison Social slogan on the front and unique designs on the back. I was jealous because I wanted shirts of my own but I had to wait until I was old enough to join in on the fun. Now that I've started, I never want to stop.

You get to try unique drinks each month.

Some of the drinks on the challenge cards are on the actual menu but a lot of them are created just for the challenges.

You can expand your tastes of alcohol. 

Instead of simply getting a mule or a beer, you can try something different. If you're bold enough, the challenge drinks are definitely something to check out.

You have a whole month to complete it. 

You don't have to complete the challenges in one night. You can easily spread out the drinks over the course of the month, but that means you have to wait a little while longer to get the shirt.

If you need a reason to drink, you have one.

If you've had a rough day or if you've had a great day, head to MadSo to start your challenge and get a drink or two.

Every month has a unique shirt design.

The designs never repeat so if you miss one, you won't be able to get the shirt later. You might as well do it while you can!

You always have the option of a shirt or tank top. 

I love tank tops but some of the designs look better as shirts and now that it's getting colder, shirts seem to be the better option.

It's a great thing to do with friends. 

If you can find people who want to complete the challenge with you, it makes the experience even better because you get to share it with someone.

MadSo is a great place to study. 

Since school has started, I usually go to MadSo once a week to get some assignments done and work on my monthly challenge. In the early afternoons, it can be a great place to relax and drink.

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