CALLING ALL UWEC GIRLS!!!! Do you want to try new ways of working out, be part of a community of fun, sweet loving girls, and change the way to see health, fitness, and yourself? Well, I have the hottest new club for you. Starting this spring semester there will be a fitness club for girls called CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls) coming to campus.

I was in CHAARG at UW – Madison before I transferred to Eau Claire and it was by far one of my favorite clubs. Not only does it keep you accountable for staying on your fitness journey and goals but gives you a group of girls to try new workouts with that you might have been reluctant to try on your own. Each week CHAARG will host a Studio spotlight where we will either go or have a workout studio in Eau Claire come and give us a sample work out. Well, be having everything from yoga, HIIT, and maybe even some pole dancing classes available for you to try. Not only will you each week get the chance to try a studio around Eau Claire, but we will also have small groups where you will meet up once a week with a small group of CHAARGIES and an exec board member for either a second workout that week, or maybe even a study group or self-care night.

That doesn’t mean that CHAARG is all about getting sweaty and feeling the burn. Each month we will also have socials where we can pig out on ice cream and get to know each other more when we are not gasping for air. Along with that, we hope to have different speakers come in through the semester to talk to us about nutrition, de-stressing, body image, and other women issues.

The goal of CHAARG is to teach girls that working out doesn’t have to be miles on the treadmill or something that you dread. We are here to show you that fitness can be fun and hopefully help you find a way of working out that fit your life. We don’t focus solely on the gym though, the goal of CHAARG is to show you that health is all about moderation, listening to your body, self-care, and self-love. If you’d like to find out more you can find us on Facebook and I hope to see you all this spring!