In the news as well we all over social media, reports from the Penn State death of Timothy Piazza as a result of hazing completed by the fraternity members of Beta Theta Pi on their Bid Acceptance night is a tragedy. It breaks my heart to see something like this occur and my prayers are with his friends and family.

However, not only am I saddened by the events of this tragedy, I am saddened by Greek Life in general. It is 2017, yet Greek organizations throughout the country still succumb to hazing rituals in order to be "accepted".

I am a part of Greek Life and I was not hazed to be accepted.

When done the right way, Greek Life can be an amazing thing. Fraternities and sororities can give you a home away from home. They give you an immense support system where you always have someone to call up at any hour of the day to vent to about your life problems with school or your latest significant other. You learn so much about leadership as well as teamwork skills, whether you are on the Executive Board, Executive Council, or simply a member, every position matters for the success of the organization as a whole. Not only do they teach you valuable life skills, but they give you some of the most amazing friends and memories you will have. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I am a part of a sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, who has an anti-hazing policy. BUT...If I had had to complete some outrageous and potentially dangerous activity to be "accepted" into the organization, I can guarantee you, I would not be a part of Greek Life. Under no circumstances should you ever be put into a situation that you are uncomfortable in or one that could harm your well-being. What happened at Penn State is unacceptable and I am saddened that Greek Life continues to bear the stigma of hazing to be accepted.

For the Greek Life organizations that still succumb to hazing measures, wake up, it's 2017. Stop the outrageous and dangerous activities, and start sticking to your ideals that your founders had set for you many years ago. I would hate to see something so beneficial in a college students' life be turned to ruins because of some bad apples among us.

So if you're thinking about rushing a sorority or fraternity next fall, don't be afraid of the stigmas they bear and try it. However, if you have to go through some sort of hazing ritual to be accepted, don't do it. Your life is not worth any amount of acceptance from other people.

Take it from a sorority girl, there are countless organizations who do not require hazing and would love for you to be a part of them, go out and find your home.