14 Times 'Parks and Recreations' Perfectly Summed What It's Like Having A Long Distance Best Friend

14 Times 'Parks and Recreations' Perfectly Summed What It's Like Having A Long Distance Best Friend

“Ann, you are such a good friend, you’re a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox. Thank you, ox.”

Jannessa Lai

Everyone needs an Ann Perkins kind of friend. Whether she lives behind the Sullivan Street Pit or 368 miles across Washington State because everyone knows Leslie Knope wouldn't be complete without her "beautiful tropical fish" Ann Perkins.

As I wouldn't be the same without my best friend. Moving to college is such a pivotal transition in a person's life. It's the time to reinvent, to make new friends, possibly the friends will be your future bridesmaids but for me, the maid of honor position is reserved for my long distance Ann Perkins (partially because once, while she was hopped up on post-wisdom-teeth drugs, she declared that she's giving the maid of honor speech at my future wedding) but mostly because Ann Perkins type of friends only come around once in a lifetime.

1. When you can't hype them up in person

Every chance you get you to comment, text, and Snapchat them about their latest Instagram post. Just to make sure they KNOW they're bomb as heck. Because how are they going to know you love seeing them thrive.

2. Text messages are filled with links to new songs and ridiculous videos that only we would think are funny

(and also pestering them to watch Parks and Rec because you know what's good for them).

3. Planning our entire summer bucket list in the middle of December

"Hey wanna go to California over the summer even though we can barely pay for college and we're probably going to drown in our debt but Disneyland churros are God's gift to Earth so it's fine!"

4. Having food cravings for things back home

I mean c'mon can you even consider dining hall food, REAL food? We're definitely not going to have summer bods but we also won't have the best coconut cake for another 9 months if we don't have it during Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer break, so that's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

5. Receiving calls at 1 AM when they've had a little too much to drink becomes like a drunken scene in Jersey Shore

*watching her stumble and spin around on facetime* "YOU NEED TO DRINK SOME WATER AND EAT SOME CRACKERS!!" and you best believe she'll completely disregard what you say and take another shot of Tequila.

6. Calling her back in the morning to check on her hangover and wishing I was hungover too so we could suffer together

"I told you so."

7. Traditions become sacred

"So we've got to go to the beach to watch the fireworks on the 4th. Also, we're going to sit in traffic for an hour after the 4th while screaming along to Ed Sheeran like we do every year even though we could probably leave a few minutes before fireworks are over to beat the rush but nah. Okay?"

8. Screenshots. Of. Everything.

Screenshots of new places we need to visit. Screenshots of food we need to try. Screenshots of our double-chin Snapchats. Screenshots of hikes we need to go on. Screenshots of memes to send to each other.

9. Watching each other trying to survive college without each other

Once I forgot to put water in my mac and cheese before I microwaved it. That was disappointing.

10. Watching each other trying to become adults without each other


11. Texting her throughout the day about little things that annoy you because you can't come off as a psychopath to the people you've just met during college

"Dude the girl sitting next to me peeled a banana from the top, not the bottom."

12. Doing things alone that we used to do together

Buying fries at McDonald's at 12 AM seemed more interesting with you in the passenger seat rolling your eyes at my bizarre eating habits.

13. The amount of double texting shame lowers

Double texting your best friend shouldn't be an issue, to begin with, but quadruple texting within 2 minutes, let's face it that's reserved for only a special type of friend that can handle your type of crazy.

14. Coming home means burning through our wallets

Tell ourselves we need to save money but then go out to eat EVERYTHING. Driving back and forth through downtown Seattle during rush hour because there's a cute wall we can take a picture of. Buying baseball tickets and spending EVEN MORE money on pretzels and ice cream. Because time is limited and it's either now or we'll lay in our dorm rooms wishing and craving the places and food we didn't go to or eat.

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