Although been about 60 days since the nerve-racking Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, I cannot stop thinking about it. It must have been such a heart-rending and woebegone moment for parents and families who have lost their loved ones. It was an incident that no one has ever dreamed about or thought off in their life. When I heard the news about this deadly shooting in Florida, I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it. It was like having a nightmare with open eyes.

We all know that we need to solve this “gun control” issue ASAP. The government needs to know that IT’s TIME to make a change to its old, outdated constitution. Yes, I said "outdated" because the constitution was created about two hundred thirty years ago. The time and people of the nation have been changed, so it is essential to think about updating some parts of the Constitution. The Constitution was created to fulfill “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” but it doesn’t appear to stand. If there exists a problem, there has to be a solution for it. Furthermore, this poetry would try its best to describe the feeling, nightmares, and thoughts of survivors and victims from the standpoint of the survivor of one of the most petrifying high school shooting in the history of the United States.

Before my hand reach for it, the alarm sounds its last ring,

Bright, luminous Sun was about to rise;

with a humongous smile on his face

Be lost in thought full of creativity,

hoping the History exam to be canceled,

With fifteen pounds of a backpack on my back,

riding my bike; I headed to the school

I was feeling bone-chilling, the Arctic-like wind on the face;

Had to pedal faster than everyday cause I was getting late

Somehow, I managed to land on my both feet;

As all the time, I celebrated the victory of landing sharp, on time

Jennifer and Mike were chatting in the hallway; I waved to them

Tony was running toward me, like a bull of wall street;

Looked like, he won the Mega Millions last night

He said: TJ, you and I got selected for the Varsity Basketball team.

High as a kite, my feelings and excitement were flying

Unstoppable, but both feet on the ground

One by one, classes were going effortlessly;

It was almost the time for the lunch, I was hangry

Heard We have nachos with queso sauce, and Cuban sandwich;

It was delicious lunch, it literally made my day

We were playing basketball in PE class;

Heard people screaming, asking for help

I ran outside in the hallway; I was afraid and nervous;

One guy shooting randomly with his machine gun;

My coach dragged me in, right away.

We were on lockdown; it was traumatic, shocking for all of us

We’re frightened by the sound of bullets;

My hands were reaching for the phone to call 911;

Something sinister about to happen called my Mom.

I was crying on the phone; must have been terrified, my Mom

I told her about the whole incident, didn’t know we would survive

Someone was smacking on the door, felt we are next;

It was pin drop silence; He walked away

Heard roaring noise of people screaming, in pain;

Police have arrived; shooting was kept going

Officers came into the Gym to escort us;

Everyone was crying and screaming, couldn’t believe we’re alive

Felt so miserable and upset after spotting dead people on the floor;

Once I get out of the building, my mom was standing outside

Fighting with the cops to let her in, I ran to her.

It was a lot worse than any nightmares that anyone ever had;

We lost our friends and teachers; it wasn’t their fault.

When officers and reporters were asking us questions;

I was speechless; couldn’t say anything for a couple of days

Kept having terrifying dreams, unseen; made me debilitate.

Had dreams, saving everyone's life if I have done this and that;

Unfortunately, regrettably; it’s too late, now

They were innocent; they deserve justice

Heard roaring noise saying: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE,


One may have a right to protect himself/herself in some life-threatening situation, BUT not to kill someone in any case. This issue can be resolved by improving gun control laws by the government with the support of citizens. For instance, rules and regulations could be more severe for those people who want to have guns on their hands. The government may set up a psychological check-up of every gun owner every month or every next two months to ensure they are psychologically healthy.

Also, the implementation of GPS tracking chips in guns may help to improve the safety of citizens. Instead of arming teachers, the government should increase the security of each school by installing surveillance cameras and metal detector sensors around a mile from the school. Alongside, furthermore, relevant solutions could be found and invent by experts in the public security department.

All in all, the salient purpose of this article and poem is not to oppose any political entities, but it is to suggest the government to TAKE ACTION on this matter right away. See you next week!