Well, it's official. School is back in session and I'm sure the majority of us are only looking forward to the fact that we still have one week left to enjoy: Syllabus week. Most of us can look forward to this week, as you'll go over the syllabus the entire time. Others, like myself, begin material the very first day *round of applause for science majors*.

Not only is syllabus week, but so is the beginning of trying to find parking. I hope we can all agree that the first week of parking on campus is absolute madness. You will see people the first week of school, and never see them again until the final. These people are the ones hogging all the parking spots.

Let's reminisce on the week we just experienced and the thoughts we had while trying to find parking.

1. Why do professors need so many spaces?

2. I should've just caught the bus.

3. I could've walked and actually got here on time.

4. You did not just cut me off for this parking spot?!

5. This is hunger games, parking edition!

6. Why don't we all carpool like we used to in middle school?

7. I'm fine with getting a ticket.

8. Already 10 minutes late, they probably un-enrolled me by now.

9. Contemplates dropping out.

10. Well, maybe next semester.

Hopefully, you didn't have to wait hours to find parking or even leave hours in advance to get a spot. Maybe next semester the odds will work in our favor, but surely not today.