My college is very expensive. If I did not have the scholarship that I am very fortunate and grateful to have, I would not be able to afford to go to my school. I have multiple jobs to pay for my tuition, books, (the most basic) meal plan, and other expenses that come with being a commuter student. I also paid over a hundred dollars for my parking pass this year.

I completely understand why parking passes exist. I even agree with the idea of having parking passes. That being said, college students should not have to pay over a hundred dollars for a parking pass. With the thousands of dollars everyone at my school already spends a year just for an education, their is no reason for parking passes to be as expensive as they are. Cutting the cost of a parking pass in half will make our (already very tight) budgets happier.

As much as I love my college, I'm failing to see the need for them to be charging everyone so much money just to park. All we're trying to do is get to class.